Shaman -Druid- Oracle

The purpose of this build is to provide the highest possible single and area of effect damage to melee clerics. It has few support abilities and very little heals. It is the one of the two  highest single target damaging souls available to clerics along with druid It also has the highest cleave and area of effect damage at the moment.

  • One of the highest possible damage roles for Cleric
  • The best AoE damage available to Clerics at this time
  • Contains an interrupt needed
  • Very little support for other classes
  • Contains two shields but little healing
  • With enough stats is suitable for soloing open world content.

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A mastery ability


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation

Shaman – Druid – Oracle at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in Shaman increases damage done by 1%, for a total of 61% total increase.


As is customary with most  almost all points goe into the main soul being used. This gets you access the multifaceted 61 point ability Furious Assault  which gives a lot of different buffs, most importantly reducing the global cool down by 0.5 seconsd.   [L] Furious Assault: GCD -0.5s, increases air and water damage, increases movement speed, allows glacial strike anytime
  [L] Icy BlowIncreases elemental damage by 24% per stack, max 2 stacks
  [L] Deep Freeze: Stuns for 4s, increases damage dramatically


Druid +10
Druid is chosen as an of fsoul primarily the damage that will be gained by Life Surge. We also go for Fervent Strike which is straight damage boost buff which lasts and entire minute. +5 Speek Softly – Increases wisdom by a total of 10%, which will increase spell power by 7.5%
+5 Mercurial – Instant ability damage increased by 10% Almost all of our damage is instant.[L] Fervent Strike +15% damage for 1 minute


This will add a 5% damage bonus as well as an ability that will auto fire. +5 War Mentality – Increases damage done by 5%

[L] Insignia of Blood  Can be cast as a damaging spell, however non Oracle spells have a chance to automatically cast and apply this so there is no need.


Class Masteries
61: Soul Collector 62: Blessing of Pentience 63: Supplicants Haste 
64: Diversify
65: Punishing Strike


Macros and Karuul Alerts

The basic play style of this soul is to cast one magical ability which buffs you with a bonus to the next physical ability. This is just rotated back and forth with longer cool downs being mixed in at opportune time. Many one or two button specs have been made by placing each ability in a macro based on its cool down The main issue with these short button specs is that you cannot choose when to use the cool downs.

However, with the most recent additions to Shaman this play style is no longer as effective and these short button easy specs actually out parse the classic play style. Therefore you can actually use just a short action bar spec to successfully play this.


Spam with Cool downs*  Spam no Cooldowns** Interrupt***
 #show Deep Freeze
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Deep Freeze
cast Glacial Strike
cast Massive Blow
cast Jolt
cast Punishing Strike
cast Icy Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
use Reliquary of Ingenuity
cast Glacial Shield
cast Rage of the North
cast Rush of Strength
cast Break Free
#show Frozen Wrath
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Glacial Strike
cast Massive Blow
cast Jolt
cast Punishing Strike
cast Icy Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Glacial Shield
#show Bitter Wind
cast @focus Bitter Wind
cast Bitter Wind

* We highly reccomend not using this in a Raid enviroment but it is useful for open world and most dungeons.
Use this in raids and manage cool downs separately
*** Attempts to interrupt a focus target first. If none available it defaults to your current target. Because of how abilities work this may be a bit slower so remove the @focus if experiencing lag. 

Karuul Alerts

Below is a set of KAlerts that were used with this example build. Customize to suit your needs.



How to Play


Buffs That Should Always Be On
Furious Assault Glory of the Chosen Heart of the Frozen Sea Vengeance of the Winter Storm
Vengeance of the Primal North


Furious Assault: From the description: “Reduces the Cleric’s Global Cool down by  0.5s…Applies all Shaman Courage buffs…Glacial Strike to be cast on foes of any…Increases movement speed by 15%… Air and water damage by 45%… Glacial Strike…45% of…Damage …3 seconds”

Vengeance of the Winter Storm/Primal North:  Every time the cleric hits the target this as bonus damage to the target. This will be one of the highest total damaging abilities we use. Primal North is the AoE version.

Glory of the Chosen: Causes attack to restore a small amount of health the the cleric

This is a screenshot of a sample action bar that is used. as you can see 2 and 3 are Fervent and Essence Strike respectively, with the fourth being Icy Blow. There is a Red M on this ability and that is just a Karuul Alert showing me that there are not two stacks  Icy Blow on me yet. The action bar can literally be this simple or you can build it up if you like and micromanage more.


Fervent Strike: Will Add bonus to all other spells, 60 second cool down

Icy Blow x 2:    Adds 48% Bonus

Eruption of Life:   Puts 6 stacks up Life Surge Damage


Standard Rotation

1. Do you have two stacks of Icy Blow?

No: Cast Icy Blow.

2. Are there 2 or less stacks of Life Surge left on the target?

Yes: Cast Eruption of Life, two stacks very often go missing quickly due to Insignia of Blood being cast automatically.

3. Does Fervent Strike have 2 seconds or less or is it missing?

Yes: Cast Fervent Strike

4. No other conditions met

Default: Press Spam Macro

Take Care
If you read guides on the the forums or many websites that have guides posted, the will tell you that you should do the following.
Do Not Use Fervent Strike
Eruption of Life
Spam Macro x 5


This is not an accurate rotation at all. They are telling you to use the spam macro five times because they think that is about how long that Eruption of Life will stay on, however they do not take into account the Oracle legendary which fires off quite often. In there guides you will be losing anywhere from 20-40% of Eruption of Life’s damage.If you look in the sample Rift Meter window below you will see that it is not an insignificant amount. I am not trying to pick on these people at all, it’s just a reference that  you should always check other peoples work (even mine!).

How Damage Abilities Work

Shaman is the more often used of the two melee builds cleric have access to. The other one is Druid but Shaman far outshines this due to Druid have issues with disconnects and vary poor cleave or area of effect.  For this build we will be focusing on a few abilities that are going to cause most of our damage. They are explained here.

Eruption of Life (EoL): Eruption of Life: Does damage but more importantly puts six stacks on the target. When you parse this spec this will be included in damage as Life Surge and its total damage will be one of the highest Every time you have an attack that hits the target, Life Surge will cause damage and a stack will come off.

Icy BlowThe first ability that should be used in any Shaman rotation because it buffs elemental damage by 48% (2 stacks of 24%). This will apply to almost every Shaman ability.

Glacial Strike: A high damage ability that ignores 25% of enemies armor. This is usable at any level of health (despite what tooltip says) when Furious Assault has a legendary point spent in it.

Massive BlowHigh damage physical hit that has its cd reset via Rush of Strength

Rage of the North Adds 10 stacks each with increasing crit rate. Each time an attack is made on the target one of the stacks get used.

Deep Freeze AoE Stun that makes enemies take more damage

     Once a basic understanding of shaman is obtained the spec is very simple to play. There are really just two debuffs that need to be kept up. The first is Fervent Strike which has a one minute duration.

The other one is Eruption of Life. When this is cast six stacks are placed on the target. This should be refreshed when the stacks get down to 0, ideally casting around 1 so that it is applied immediately after the last one is removed.

There are two cooldowns which can be managed outside of your macro button and should be lined up if nothing else with your supports major cooldowns. They are Rage of the North and Deep Freeze

Besides this all you really have to do is mash your macro button.



Other Abilities to have on your action bar

Eruption of Life: Druid Damage

Deep Freeze: Cooldown Ability

Rage of the North Cooldown Ability

Break Free Break free from control

Fading Light: Break free from control

Glacial Shield: Absorb Shield


Abilities Reference

Spell or AbilityDescriptions
Avalanche StrikeArea of Effect damage
Combined EffortBuffs 15s, causing single target damage increase damage 5% for 5s.
Crushing BlowPuts on twisted soul, increases damage of next cast time spell
Deep FreezeArea of Effect stuns for 4s, increases damage greatly
Ekkehard's GraspRanged damage, one of the few in this builld
Eruption of LifePlaces a 6 stacks on enemy, one is used causing damage from an attack by cleric
Frozen WrathDeals damage; Increases Frozen Storm by 100%; Spreads to 5 enemies
Glacial SheildDamage Shield
Glacial StrikeDamage that ignores 25% of resistance
Heart of the Frozen SeaIncreases Resistances
Icy BlowGreatly increases elemental damage
Insignia of BloodDamage target, is autocast by non Oracle spells
JoltInstant damage reactive
Massive BlowHigh damage melee ability
Ride the LightningCharges the enemy doing damage
Rush of StrenghthResets cooldown of Massive Blow
Strike of the MaelstromArea of effect damage
WindwalkIncreases dodge by 35% and speed by 50% for 15s