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This role is intended to provide the support buffs that stack with Archons’ buffs in addition to providing as much damage as possible to the enemy in the form of a Molten Wave .- Fury Blast rotation that is familiar.  This is not a raid wide support caster who can function alone and without a support, so is actually a damage dealer. Because of the additional support abilities offered however it may be considered support. 

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A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide. All souls found in this guide are part of the original release of Rift and no additional paid souls are required. Ability links in this guide point to Magelo.

The spirits of the wilds are no stranger to a Primalist but a Mystic shares a special bond with them. allowing them to share there gifts with allies. The Primalist combines this synergy with eh single target ranged damage capable of unleashing a flurry of rock and lava on their enemies. Combining these two brings support to there raid and unleashes hell on their enemies.

Quick Start Play Guide

The soul build is broken down into more components and explanations are explained more in depth later in this guide. The  build and point distribution is  here on Magelo. Please note like any guides hosted on The Guides For Rift Website or its discord channel it may contain mistakes. If you wish you may submit feedback at the bottom of this page or via a message on Discord.

Point Distribution  on Magelo Soul Calculator
A Picture Image is Located Later in this Guide

Soul »» Primal Lord- 16 Points Mystic –  14 Points Vulcanist –  9 Points
Legendary Selection Scything Strike  Font of Bloodlust Primal Savagery Molten Wave  Fury Blast
Mastery Selection 61: Exhileration 62: Totemic Power 63: Vulpine Cunning
64: Heavy Handed 65: Savage Blow
¹ This can be substituted with Ancestral Force if you prefer more healing or AoE Damage
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
Buffs Font of Bloodlust Font of Wit  Primal Savagery
Single Target Rotation

Details, macros, cool downs, ability blocks and more are all  shown in depth in the detailed play guide.


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  • Substitute Ancestral Force as your level 65 Mastery to obtain a 100% heal  or  to gain an increase in AoE Damage.
  • This build uses a Molten Wave – Fury Blast rotation. See our guide for further information.

Detailed Play Guide

Everything you should need to know.


Section Overview

Getting into the details of the soul breakdown and examining how to play it more effectively to become a better player.

The Build and Key Decisions




The Soul Build Pros and Cons of This Build

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Mystic 14 – Primal Lord 16 – Vulcanist 9 at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 2%

 Mystic  is considered the primary soul of this even build though it does not have the highest amount of points in it. This is because its primary function, in addition to damage, is to provide additional support buffs for the raid. We are sacrificing top damage for this and there is only one of these builds worth running in a raid at a time. 

Pros and Cons of an Mystic-Vulcanist

  • Additional support to supplement Archon
  • Has very good damage for a build featuring support abilities
  • Has a rotation that should be familiar to any Primalist Damage Dealer
  • This is not a fully functioning support role
  • Same Molten Wave Fury Blast play style as so many others
  • Does not provide all of the necessary buffs a Mystic or other support role may

Fury Blast 
Gained at start of Vulcanist tree
Molten Wave 
Gained from three points in Vulcanist, bottom of tree
Fury Blast
Requires Melee Weapon

Deals 6117 to 6241 Fire damage. If used while in Fury, applies a DoT that lasts for 8s. Fury ability. Pushes Focus to Perfect Harmony when used. Can only be used in Fury. Deals increased damage the closer you are to full Fury when cast. 

Molten Wave
Requires Melee Weapon

Blast your target with lava that deals 6561 to 6694 Fire damage per second for 3s. Damage is decreased by -10% for each enemy hit. Molten Wave applies a debuff on each hit that increases the damage taken from your Fire and Earth damage by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Vulcanist abilities gain triple effectiveness from this effect. Fury ability. Requires Fury. Moves Focus 100 towards Cunning.
Requires 2 Points Spent in Vulcanist
Requires Level 3g

Font of Bloodlust
Gained from spending 8 points in Primal Lord
◊  Scything Strike  ◊
Primal Lord, automatically gained when chosen
Font of Bloodlust
Requires Melee Weapon

When you cast a damaging Primalist ability your next Hawk’s Wrath or Thresher’s Maw deals 50% more damage. Stacks 2 times. Lasts 1hr. Can be cast alongside other Fonts.

Requires 8 Points Spent in Primal Lord

Scything Strike

Requires Melee Weapon

Deals 5985 to 6105 Physical damage. Moves Focus 10 points towards Fury. Your next ability within 3 seconds deals 15% more damage. This effect ends when you use any ability. Non Primal Lord abilities have a chance to cause this ability to deal damage automatically.

◊  Primal Savagery
Mystic, automatically gained after 14 Points

Gear and Stat Requirements

Stat Focus:  Crit Power until 38ish% (so with buffs we hit cap of 40%), Dexterity. Attack Power. Physical Crit Chance, Strength (see also Planar Fragments)
Synergy Crystal Martial Crystal for Fury and Finishers
Reliquary Reliquary of Rage
(Crit Chance) 

Runes  Prophetic Shattering Rune, Prophetic Unblurring Rune, Prophetic Starcrash Weapon-rune


¹The consumables listed are the best known for this particular slot at this time. There are less efficient items available.

Primal Savagery
Raid Buff

Increases damage done by 5% on all party or raid members for 30s after a successful cast time spell. Allies within 10m of you have their damage increased by 5%. Lasts 1h.

Requires 14 Points Spent in Mystic..

Appendix A: Additional Resources

Official Forums: The pseudo support


Appendix B: Guide History and Credits

  • 28 September 2018: Initial draft of guide.