Mystic * Primal Lord * Vulcanist: Archon Support Duo

 Mystic 14 ◊ Primal Lord 16 ◊ Vulcanist 9: Archon Support Duo

Live Level 70 DPS and Support with an Archon in the Raid


Contents of this Guide

  1. Overview of the Build
  2. Build and Rotation
    1. Legendary and Mastery Points
    2. Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts
    3. Buffs and Rotation for the build
    4. Notes to keep in mind
  3. Macros
  4. Karuul Alerts
  5. App A: Color Key
  6. App B: Additional Resources
  7. App C: Guide History
A build used for raiding whose buffs stack with an Archon already in your group. It utilizes Mystic for the synergy buffs and Molten Wave -Fury Blast for the damage portion.

This role is intended to provide the support buffs that stack with Archons buffs in addition to providing as much damage as possible. The damage is done with the often used Molten Wave .- Fury Blast rotation that should be familiar.  This is not a raid wide support caster who can function alone without a support, so it is actually a damage dealer. Because of the additional support abilities offered however it may be considered support.

Since an Archon will provide many of the buffs during a raid, mystic is only need to fill in on the buffs not gained from an Archon. This build goes light on Mystic and uses only those buffs needed. This will sacrafice some damage, but the buffs gained should counteract this. If your raid or group uses a soul other than Archon check to see which buffs stack.


Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist – Overview

Mystic 14 – Primal Lord 16 – Vulcanist 9 at Magelo


Pros and Cons of an Mystic-Primal Lord – Vulcanist

  • Additional support to supplement Archon
  • Has very good damage for a build featuring support abilities
  • Has a rotation that should be familiar to any Primalist Damage Dealer
  • This is not a fully functioning support role
  • Same Molten Wave Fury Blast play style as so many others
  • Does not provide all of the necessary buffs a Mystic or other support role may
  • Additional support to supplement Archon

Build and Rotation

Soul »» Primal Lord- 16 Points Mystic –  14 Points Vulcanist –  9 Points
Legendary Selection Scything Strike  Font of Bloodlust Primal Savagery Molten Wave  Fury Blast
Mastery Selection 61: Exhilaration     62: Totemic Power     63: Vulpine Cunning     64: Heavy Handed    65: Savage Blow


Buffs to Use Font of Bloodlust  Font of Wit  Primal Savagery
Single Target Rotation

Details, macros, cool downs, ability blocks and more are all  shown in depth in the detailed play guide.


Standard Rotation

Unlike the top DPS specs this build uses the actual intended Primalist principles of swapping between Fury and Cunning to maintain buffs and damage.

Here is the general idea of how this spec works.

Fury Macro Damage Move into Fury using our highest damage abilities. This is done because Molten Wave needs to be cast in fury
Molten Wave Damage Moves into Cunning
Cunning Macro Damage We need to get to 100 cunning so we can use Thresher’s Maw
Thresher’s Maw Damage High damage, resets meter to 0
Fury Macro Use high damage until we can use fury blast or Molten Wave stacks will fall off

This build uses the actual intended Primalist rotation where you vary between fury and cunning for the high damage portion. This is something many Primalists may never have done because of the movement towards either pure fury or the rare cunning spec. Because it does in part use Molten Wave/Fury Blast  and Scything Strike you can  improve your damage if you are just using the basic rotation.

Cunning Part¹

  1. Fury Macro x1
  2. Molten Wave
  3. Cunning Macro x 3
  4. Thresher’s Maw


  1. Scything Strike
  2. Cunning Part
  3. Fury Macro x 1
  4. Savage Blow
  5. Fury Macro x 1
  6. Scything Strike
  7. Cunning Part (see left)


  1. Fury Macro x 1
  2. Savage Blow
  3. Fury Macro x 1
  4. Scything Strike
  5. Fury Blast 
  6. Fury Macro x 1 (@40 Fury)
  7. Molten Wave
  8. Cunning Macro ( until 100 Cunning)
  9. Thresher’s Maw

Repeat until Air Lash is about expired. Use Molten Wave then cast Air Lash, bringing you back to harmony then start over. 



  1. This is a block that is repeated several times through the opener
  2. Assumes starting With 100 Fury, if you do not have 100 Fury you can build with Fury Macro or Use another souls ability and switch back)
  3. Standard Rotation

Be aware of the following

  • Molten Wave stacks at 3, use a Karuul Alert
  • Keep Perfect Harmony up, after using abilities that push in between Fury and Cunning
  • Use Fury Blast or Molten Wave when you get a proc for Scything Strike which is 110% increae
  • Manually using Scything Strike is an 85% damage increase
  • The damage portion is detailed in our Molten Wave – Fury Blast guide for more details
  • Air Lash can get you back into Harmony after a Molten Wave.


Macros for The Build

Below are macros that can be used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here.
Fury Macro Cunning Macro
#show Living Armor
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Vorpal Salvo
cast Living Armor
cast Scything Strike
#show Tailwind
cast Tailwind
cast Aerial Boon
cast Bind Life/Air Lash

Single Cleanse Fury Blast
#show Natural Remedies
cast @mouseover Natural Remedies
cast @group01 Natural Remedies
cast @group02 Natural Remedies
cast @group03 Natural Remedies
cast @group04 Natural Remedies
cast @group06 Natural Remedies
cast @group07 Natural Remedies
cast @group08 Natural Remedies
cast @group09 Natural Remedies
cast @group10 Natural Remedies
cast @group11 Natural Remedies
cast @group12 Natural Remedies
cast @group13 Natural Remedies
cast @group14 Natural Remedies
cast @group15 Natural Remedies
cast @group16 Natural Remedies
cast @group17 Natural Remedies
cast @group18 Natural Remedies
cast @group19 Natural Remedies
cast @group20 Natural Remedies
#show Fury Blast
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Fury Blast

Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on implementing macros.

What is provided here is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::A7hOyeNq1lmFvmzoUhv8Kf6CdDcYG+ZNN4m1Sczs1TP1SCTmJk1oDHIG7Knfbf9+BZB3Npbv JqspGCvhg+8l73oNntm1tvQkuAvmwXgfK1T5w60CWzq3Kh9ZzzHO+LfXONPBT9e3KbEy90s1uJFw QlKYEKSwSRaeKMY4O7yFoN3bt+UR7/e7u88c7vbCl9bvCLl3d3nlTbU3rC71qTK1LWxcL51p/uVq 1HGPMOKOUk6TrGNqM59efsuk/+fQG7qB380eoX+rwGO5yTvul1fcPuqlcvet2e2XX5jlXDk3x4xC BUoQQY4wSFUkKy5/KsnJL39jaFG5d6Ad/75puDOFi0ePEYcwpigc0h6WPmbrWM+WjTDNXelMHt/r rkOfS62Zj/BPWMEqEGc0ICzEKJ1E8ldEfkCwocuDZNrYCSUCdqp+seITJehSaJHCFA5S5WV7ym4/ vP+RnkAjbBFe6vQ9m+3wcxVH9679CgUUoxWQasTRL1IRNT5YH0tc0dln8eorCeA8TMdCGDGAyLq/ z/Hp2RqLNxh11a0e8BPIMhgWbRKkSUwn7iCSaqHPFWcNkXco92oNtEO1sE73CNk/C5LY6WGU8y95 UFtJb5jcFH0mt/IXUyly10H4vxkUgYAVdBtK5eqwEDIcFlRMmCcZZGqVIpPErQMIeJCEAklIOKQY dXcZnosxu514vv7QvypC/rdkZOzb7t7bf0I9xivGUkrZe9QX2f8ze4TzFghoqYQBCU0okySg+WQ0 owK7QvttosdchBoY4pK/z+W+MP1vj7SDwUbE6J5Xmy52/78rUHD5UX0z7XzPk/CiGi4gwhBliIZE ZRjH6e0PguPj34G3KaZj8JcVRrb0IPvW5G8z1V70xzW7s9HIcIiiiKYqTiE0nEhxz+ollYXTrK7h MU5i6gelWxdJVW11bV8N3v9HdJ18fTjA0hVIcvqIUqwc4cclSPzuUHZfhQZAIlSI4wxQzjCc0ISe DdWptdoBX4b1IULOiOBoXaZ8FJxfgXNvyEQwxVn2fxkQsE6rCaRoREVGRnO6TdmvhrLWAwrV3CSU hp3hodfFs73j/n79Qq34C7KxcWQ

Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Color Key
Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Dark Green or Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability

Appendix B: Additional Resources

Official Forums: The pseudo support
Official Forums: [4.2] 31 Mystic Support

Official Forums: [4.2] Whirlwind (31 mystic/6 dervish/2 prim.)

Appendix C: Guide History

  • 3 October 2018 Draft of guide completed and moved to review
  • 1 November 2018 Many updates made. Publish status as Public though Beta
  • 26 December 2018 Formatting Changes, added in overview of rotation


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