Marksman – Nightblade – Ranger

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Marksmen 61 (NB/RNG)

Marksmen are offensive sharpshooters who ae trained to think the enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. They combine swift hit and run atttacks with devasting volleys, endlessly harrainst heri opoonents leaving behind a field of dead and crippled foes in ther wake.

Contents & Overview

Marksman 61 – Nightblade 8 – Ranger 7

This build centers on the marksmen, a ranged bow using rogue who deals high single and decent AoE damage..

The major defining pros and cons of this role are:

  • Provides a good damage spec
  • Provides a 100% Ranged Spec
  • Relatively easy to play
  • Has an interrupt


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
61 Marksmen – 7 Nighblade – 6 Ranger at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in the soul increases damage done by 2%.

Souls Used

The Main soul that we are choosing is Marksmen and we will go the entire 61 points into this in order to pick up Free Recoil which now Reduces costs of Deadeye and Rapid Fire Shot and also gives a bonus on Empowered shot [L] Free Recoil Abilities have been modified: Rapid Fire Shot Consumes a maximum of 2 combos points; Deadeye Shot cast time reduced by 1.5s; Empowered Shot is instant, grants one extra point and costs no energy

[L] Calculated Shot Targeting Telemetry buff is given which cause channels to tick twice as often and do 20% more damage

[L] Rapid Fire Shot Causes this ability, which is channeled, to tick faster than a normal version


Nightblade +8
Our prmary reason for this soul is the addtion of Hellfire blades however e also pick up 10% AP and Weapon Damage as well as another 6% on finishers [L] Hellfire Blades Causes additional damage on the targets around the targeted enemy


Ranger +7 
The legendary offers the best option with a 20% damage boost [L] Call: Razorbeast Increases non raner healing and damage by 20% for 20 seconds.Its on a 30 second cooldown.



61: Planar Replenishment 62: Revitalize 63: Boundless Energy
64: Repetitive Strikes
65: Planar Variation




Spam Deadeye Shot Burst Abilities (x3)
#show Calculated Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Calculated Shot
cast Lightning Fury
cast Swift Shot
#show Deadeye Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Deadeye Shot
#show Hellfire Blades
cast Bull’s Eye
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades


Area of Effect Interrupt Purge)
#show Chain Destruction
cast Lightning Fury
cast Chain Destruction
#show Deaden
cast Deaden @focus
cast Deadenc
#show Eradicate
cast Eradicate


Karuul Alerts

How to Import


Above there is a screenshot f the most relevant Karuul Alerts we use. Below is a set of Alerts that can be used or modified as you wish.

KA::AU3bdeNqllcGO2jAQhl8lt7aXre04tlOf4thW97BVxdLbSpEJZteqISgxraj68DWB7QKlKJu VOUA0TL5/5p+xMO3MzpP7pyZwyKd87c3WtjfBtI92/2TKNRdHUQVGmcpKSKiEkhKRcRDjdDwgnol bBC5NMB8fvt0+mJnzLmwrVzer7mHZtMH4LiZBN/N5x0mGOM0yjtnuA+PhpfoyVZPdN9ifFPQEh8f 9L9K/Sf9Wy3Xz07b/wnPU02h+FlGkWmuFKYUFE1SJfDB4a9ZuvuPGpgfPchLBwUjw0nj/KZmYX00 squlC8r4UH475n6t+HsgLkDKNUyxTiRSUKbyiwAW7POCvbajav1l6BZRknJB8pILJrh6Jdq1NurP aP7MfheyLjxBgJUp1VmiQKyFfX3y4Lz7tXUNHot87/8O2ydStk7vNygUXX5G8F5vF4qwFewtdCuc FhZhKTTFNiaQ5gyMmAM56MRAiwBkiR2ruTuTsMvYC9EU5urU2mdi6cf6KiqMoXhCslEQRXucEAJQ Oho+GWtsuVLPW1LanzwmJ8Gws/Nc4miY07Ta5XXXBrepwrRUXoqOrcsFkioWkIs9hMVxMt3atC83 Cx46m+1YA+qZW3NtViHDChGDb7ek+mu7NdBpRaKUBoSCuIyBKBbJXd2LR1JuuWsQh6xUwkMfJYMM nIzvC/2y932VKhDdze2mkTyNi8VPAckyylAoKFKFiMP/TIVM16zNVAO75s5wTikYvpdVjXPVls5y ZkNzFTReLnFwx1MU/REtBEWVFSynIRFEOvyVq33S2qvt0B0dBHB2Vj3WU2Hj/rkvU1v73ingJiYN dRG6BqCxRqTDBr2iHmb/cygyiN1wN98EEV+92fv192Ia9+Ic4HJJplpaUEomBJMOHw5tVbWFlDvs 1+okhOrIFfwAEorqs


How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Silver Tip munitions Static Shot Munitions Free Recoil Ranged Combat Mastwery Predatory Insticts 


Key Abilities Used

Ability Description Notes
Barbed Shot* Increases Crit Chance and Damage by 10% for 10s Debuff
Free Recoil A Buff that will modify Empowered, Deadeye, Rapid Fire Buff
Empowered Shot Building shot is now instant,  gives  2 combo points and costs no energy (Ala. Free Recoil) Building Shot
Deadeye Shot* Finisher whose cast time is now 0 (Ala. Free Recoil) Finishing Shot
Rapid Fire Shot* Finisher that costs only 2 combo points (Ala. Free Recoil) Finishing Shot
Calculated Shot Causes Channels to tick twice as often and add 20% damge Channel Modifier
Sentry Battery* A channel that is modified by Calculated Shot Channel
Planar Variaion* A channel that is modified by Calculated Shot Channel
Bull’s Eye Increased critical hit chance by 25% Burst Buff
Hellfire Blades Causes additional damage to 3 foes with 7m Burst Buff
Call: Razorbeast Adds 20% damage buff for 20s Burst Buff
Deaden Interrupts a target Utility – Control
Eradicate Purges a target of up to two abilities Utility – Control
Retreat* Leeps backward ignoring controls by enemy Utility – Movement

* Should be placed on bar as a standalone ability since these are not included in any macro


The rotation for this build is not overly complicated. Below we have several rows laid out.

  • Opener: Play Number one below, then two, three, four.
  • Once through this you will be switching constantly building points to fire off a finisher
    • Rapid Fire Shot if it  is available first
    • If not you can use Deadeye shot
  • Do not use a builder without 5 combo points, Fill in with builder for one or Empowered Shot for two.
  • Barbed Shot(*) is on a 10 second timer. You can stick with this simple layout or manage it  on your own.
    • If managing on your ow before #3 you want to put it up freshly so you can go through all of these with cooldowns
    • In the order below it will be clipped which is a slight loss in damage
  • The builders may or may not be needed depending on other cooldowns. You are using this for Calculated Shot and Swift Shot as they work together to form another buff.


   One Two Three Four
Builder** x 1 Empowered Shot Builder**
Empowered Shot Barbed Shot* Sentry Battery Barbed* 
Builder** @ 5 Points Burst Macro x 3 Planar Variation
5 Points >>  Deadeye Shot Rapid Fire Shot – – Rapid Fire Shot



Appendix A; Color Key


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


Appendix B: Guide History

  • 18 July 2018: Initial Publication


Appendix C; Further Information


Marksman Guide @ Rift Forums