Kings Breach

King’s Breach Normal Dungeon


Kings breach is a mixture of indoors and outdoors with two competing elements dueling against each other that change throughout the course of the encounters. This normal dungeon is intended for levels 33-42 and is located in Scarwood Reach [ /setwaypoint 3295, 4310) ].

Notes on this dungeon: At three different times throughout this dungeon a Death Beacon will spawn. This is a mini boss encounter that must be defeated. Each of these is protected by at first 3 average mobs but over time the beacon will summon more. The beacon will occasionally toss a fire beam at a random person. Damage down the adds as soon as possible and destroy the beacon. When additional mobs are called by the beacon, make sure you grab the Putrid Leech that is coming at the group from under the ground.

Hunter Suleung

Spawning the boss

In order to confront Hunter Suleung you must first spawn him by defeating the three Jadescale Lifewardens and their accompanying parties that spawn with them. These appear on top of each of the trees near the front of the dungeon. They are up the stairs on top of the trees.

The Encounter: After killing all Lifewardens you should see a message on your screen that says or issimilar to the Hunter appearing then the boss as appears on the base level by one of the trees.

Abilities: AoE Cleave Faces only forward with mob so tank should face boss away from rest of party. Spawns two adds, they are not elite and are easy to take down with cleave, AoE or Single target damage.



The next bosses name is Ravalos. The difficulty for this boss is actually very easy. After fighting your way into a curving tunnel and clearing out any adds, feel free to pull him. Note that just before entering the tunnel you will have the first of three encounters with a Death Beacon. Nothing much needs to be explained about him.

Summary: He appears to be a simple tank and spank.


Flesheater Autoch

Flesheater Autoch can spawn once you have destroyed the 3rd Death Beacon. Once you engage the encounter it is pretty straightforward. Every 10 seconds or so he will cast Wild Assault. It has a knock back, 1-3 second stun, and has a chance to put a stack of Wounding Charge on the tank.