Justicar Tank and Healing Combination Soul


Objective and Focus

I want to heal and tank at the same time. I want to get through dungeons quickly and with four all out damage dealers. In open world, I don’t really mind killing slowly if I can keep everyone up around me. All these DD can’t purge, can? I want to run duo with those great damage friends and get groups quickly.

  • This build does sacrifice guard and hp to increase group heals. The extra endurance is not required for the  fights when you want to use this.
  • With the proper gear huge group heals are possible
  • Gives a purge which is invaluable with many of the high dps specs
  • 61 Justicar with Legendary allows tanking raid bosses with gear adjustment
    Faerie healer gives 3% self heals
  • Solo Tank and Heal any SPE Boss

Note: This guide does not cover regular Cleric tanking abilities. If you are using this build it is assume you know tanking and specifically how to play Justicar.

The Soul Tree

– Justicar

[L] Total Assurance
[L] Even Justice
[L] Total Assurance

Fill the entire Justicar Soul up. We will use it all. Total Insurance allows tanking of legendary abilities and acts a pretty much guaranteed 100% party wide heal with little notice. We have two other legendary which both do ranged area damage but one grants convictions and damage reduction while the other extends range and threat.-


– Druid

[L] Summon: Faerie Healer

+3 Guiding Hand
An easy to choose addition for the healing. It is not a lot but the 3% counters low incoming damage for less observation and will actually keep you alive



+5 Planar Study
+5 Corporal Punishment

[L] Section Heretic or [L] Bolt of JudgmentOne of our main reasons choosing inquisitor is to obtain a purge. This will give a level of support to our damage partners so they do not have to spec for it. The legendary is almost negligible but Bolt of Judgment is probably more efficient.

Mastery and Alternate Choices

  • (61) Righteous Protection
  • (62) Divine Inspiration
  • (63) Swift Judgment
  • (64) Faith’s Reward
  • (65) Divine Favor or (A) Soul Stream


How to Play

This is capable of being used in Raids and is ideal for situations like Golems where you want two group purges. With optimized gear I have seen heals of up to 200k per person for each member in group. This can easily solo any SPE. One of the focuses of this build is on survive-ability and heals for the team. Your job is to keep them alive by positioning mobs, taking hits they cannot and giving them back health.

To this end we have made several changes in focus of group heals. This build puts three points in druid to get Legendary Faerie Healer and 12 in Inquisitor to get a self purge.  It changes Soul Stream in favor of Divine Favor for a boost in groups heals by choosing Divine Favor, though this is personal preference. Remember masteries are easily changeable so you can do this even in between Expert bosses if you feel like stopping long enough. The majority of your healing will come from Doctrine Of Loyalty and other passive healing abilities you have. Doctrine of Bliss and your cool downs will primarily be used to ensure your own survival. Here are the major abilities we will use for healing.(edited)

Doctrine of Bliss (DoB), Doctrine of Loyalty(DoL): Single and AoE Heals respectively. They should ideally be used only with 4+ convictions or during emergencies as heals drop quickly.

Total Assurance: Legendary Hits, Grants 7 Convictions, +50% d damage, and 50% damage and healing on next 7 conviction based spells such as doctrines. If your entire party is low you can use Total Assurance and DoL. Remember that if you have 7 convictions to use DoL before Total Assurance so the extra convictions are not wasted.

Righteous Mandate: Normally when grouping up you would want to put this ability on your healer as they are the most likely to draw aggro on initial pulls or if you want to keep them up in case someone dies. Since you are the healer pick someone who does the most damage or who appears to have trouble avoiding AoE’s.

Resplendent Embrace: A Great modifier for Doctrine of Bliss if you are low on health, though you will not get the full effects since you have no healer with you.


 Gearing and How It Helps

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your heals several pieces of gear should be changed out. Synergy Crystal > Diviner’s Crystal This will give a huge increase in healing to the group. This affects Justicar doctrines to a large degree unlike most other tanks in the game. This will give your largest boost to heals. Make sure you have the four piece set bonus so you get the specific boost to heal. Seal > DPS/Healing Seal with CP rune This gives you more base stats to increase your healing. Focus -> DPS/Heals Focus Gearing will depend upon the exact enemy you are tanking. For example, in any SPE you want to change out your focus to a higher CP one for higher healing. However when tanking golems you want the guard so definitely keep in your tanking focus, The Seal and crystal, however, can be changed to assist with healing. — Differences in healing with tank stats vs dps stats


Macros and Alerts

-Obtain 7 Convictions, boosts heal DoL by a large amount

#show Total Assurance
cast Total Assurance
cast Doctrine of Loyalty

-Single Target Spam. Adds in a Purge so you do not have to micromanage

#show Doctrine of Authority
cast Purge
cast Strike of Retribution
cast Bolt of Radiance
cast Precept of Refuge
cast Reckoning

Interrupt – Stops and long casts and interrupts, on Focus target first.

#show Interdict
cast @focus Interdict
cast Interdict
cast Sovereignty-Interrupt without additional items. Improves quickness of macro so latency doesn’t affect it

Interrupt – Stops and long casts and interrupts, no Focus

#show Interdict
cast Interdict

Intercede allows you to take the damage of an ally who the boss is currently targeting. We use the @targettarget because once you see the ability the boss will begin targeting your ally. This allows you to automatically cast on them without having to change targets and saving precious hp.

#show Intercede
cast @targettarget Intercede

Marking Targets (Change 1 after each to add additional marks) Hold shift and macro to target. [Shift] can be changed out with [ctrl] or [alt] depending on your needs

[shift] targetmark 1
mark 1

A Target Macro is used for specific encounters where you know that a mob will be coming and know its name. This allows you to pick up the mob as soon as it is available. Many of your encounters will have only one boss that needs to be in the macro, so you can actually combine these all into one.

For example, the second boss encounter in Gyel Fortress features Infernus Rex coming out and soon after howling, which does vicious damage and likely will kill people. If it is a group that I have never run with at the start I tell them to ignore the Infernus Rex and focus on the boss only. At around 60% of the bosses health I will start spamming the macro below to target the mob. I kite them around, because all the cleave and area damage would kill me as adds are not dying and interrupt the Rex when you see him start to howl by running directly at him and pressing the interrupt button.

tar Infernus Rex


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