Justicar – A Comprehensive Guide

 Justicar’s are defensive clerics who excel at fighting shoulder to shoulder with their allies in close combat. There conviction builds with each swing of their weapon, allowing them to unleash potent healing and damage around them.


About This Guide

If you have tanked before and just want up to date specs, specific macros or kalerts (eg. a standard guide) jump to section 11. I do encourage you to read over or peruse the rest of this guide as you may learn something you never knew!

If you are new to tanking, welcome! The hope is this guide can get you easily into tanking. If one thing has remained consistent about Rift over the years it has been the steady lack of tanks. This is noticeable while leveling and reaching level cap through SPE’s through older raids. While tanks are normally rare the community should show support and with this guide we hope to assist them.

One of the things I have learned is people do not want the headache that comes with learning to tank. Once you know the basics of it, you can pick up almost any role, just a build and some macros and off you go. This guide attempts to address those headaches without having to learn them the hard way. Over the first three-quarters of this guide we will go into the basics and some more advanced topics.


Relevant Guides

Planar Fragments Detailed information about planar fragments, which to choose, and why we choose them. There are so many incorrect cheat sheets and 4 sentence guides I attempt to explain why we choose the fragments we do.

Rift Macro Guide( v2) It’s easy to copy and paste a macro. But if you had to create one, could you? An in depth guide to Rift Macros. #tanking_tips Some general tips for tanks of all classes. General Etiquette and some do’s and don’t every tank should know and follow

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Justicar Overview


  • Allows tanking of all content in Rift with 61 point Legendary
  • Good AoE Healing, better with Mien of Honor
  • Low single target damage, great AoE damage
  • Lots of self damage mitigation and healing cooldowns
  • Small variations in off souls allow total changing of play styles
  • Allows for the use of a Battle Rez which Raid leaders love.
  • Finding parties for content is never a challenge


  • Tanks tend to be remembered above all others, act accordingly
  • Only one ranged ability to pull enemies to you
  • Messing up as a tank can be unforgiving; people will notice and comment
  • Expect others to constantly critique your abilities even if they are wrong

Soul Bonus

     Every soul in Rift gets a bonus the farther you spec into a soul. When this game first released there was a lot of roles that were not based on going deep in one tree such as Justicar. For a variety of reasons (In my opinion because balancing was impossible) bonuses to going deeper into one tree as well as requiring 61 point abilities were introduced. Each point in Justicar raises the following by the amount in percentage.


Level Increase Total Increase  Type of Increase
 0.5% 30.5%  Damage Done
1.0% 61% Armor Increase
1.0% 122.0% Resistances
1.0% 61.0% Base Health

When choosing the Justicar as a main soul the majority of the time you will be in a tanking role. There are many builds available that have just a few points in Justicar or may go deep in the tree yet are not built for tanking. If your primary focus is not tanking but rather solo play and survivability most builds and information in this guide may not help. The focus of this guide is on the former as well as being in a group.


Role as a Tank

When in a group you will have several responsibilities. The primary role of any tank is to mitigate damage. This is done by taking, absorbing and healing the damage that enemies are doing in place of the rest of the group. This means that you need to be the one holding threat.


The amount of enmity that a particular enemy has on each player. Under normal circumstances the enemy will attack the person with the highest threat.

Threat is gained by doing almost anything on an enemy. Your Mien of Leadership ability buff increases this by 300% which makes holding threat particularly easy on clerics. Taunts will force them to attack you for X number of seconds but should not be relied upon for the establishing of threat. Note that threat decays over time so you must keep using these abilities.

You will also ultimately be responsible for making pulls of enemies whether bringing them to you or charging to them. This is often a source of new players or new tankers frustrations. There are times when you have no ranged pull (in other words an ability that will pull the mob to you) and the ranged mob of a pack is 20m away. Normally, not always, this can be avoided by a little forethought or otherwise improvised to prevent. You want all these mobs close together to make it easier to hold threat and so your group can kill quickly. There is an entire section dedicated in this guide titled Pulling.

     Once you have control of the enemy you will need to avoid AoE damage and keep the enemy pointed in the appropriate direction. I have a habit of initially turning the mob away from the party at all times. There are times when it will not make sense to do so, but as a habit it is a good thing. One other thing that most tanks are expected to do that has evolved over time is interrupting the enemies. When you see a mob with a blue cast bar over is head filling up you want to use an interrupt. This is not always the case though automatically as there are many enemies that may cast several various interruptible spells that have different levels of viciousness. For example there is a boss in Tuath’De Coven that casts two interruptible spells sometimes back to back. As tank you want to interrupt the worst of the two, which in this case is Fungal Bloom. If the boss gets this off the whole group can wipe while his other one is essentially just a knock-back. If there are more than one interrupts attempt to sort it out before pulling.

Stats for a Tank

Like all callings in Rift you have a bunch of stats on your character page that affect your abilities. Tanking itself is one of the only souls that actually use additional stats. Dodge, block and especially guard become part of your repertoire. With Starfall Prophecy (version 4.0) itemization on gear was changed so that 5 stats are now gained from planar fragments.

Your stats are broken down by Trion into four different categories: Main, Offense, Defense and Resistances. Your main stats affect many of your offensive and defensive stats. The primary stat you will focus on is endurance (and by association Maximum HP on fragments). It takes more Hit Points to take big hits and survive. The other two stats we suggest focusing on are Wisdom (for maximizing damage and heals) and Guard (as a damage resistance). Intelligence is of minor importance, block is acquired from wisdom primarily and dodge is almost useless as a cleric.

Offensive Stats

    The one stat that has an all important nature to it is called Hit and is a label of where you are progression wise in this game. If there is anything in this game that has any kind to relation to a notorious addon in another MMO, this would be it. By knowing what someone else is, or your own, you know what content they should basically be doing. The actual stat is basically just an accuracy modifier. If you attempt to go into higher tiered content than you have the hit for, you will miss a lot, leading to a huge loss in DPS, or in the case of tanking the ability to hold threat.
2000 Starfall Prophecy Experts
2200 Tier One Raiding: iRotP andTD Normal
2400 Tier two Bastion of Steel
Primary Stat: Endurance
Endurance Commonly Affects Tank Healing
1 Point = 10 Hit Points or 100 Points = 1000 Hit Points


Secondary Stat: Wisdom
1 Point = .75 Spell Power (3/4 of a Point)
1 Point = .50 Critical Hit (1/2 of a Point)
1 Point = 1.0 Block ( 1 Point Per Point)


Tertiary Stat: Intelligence
1 Point = .25 Spell Power (1/4 of a Point)
1 Point = .50 Critical Hit (1/2 of a Point)
Note on Endurance:  Endurance is also equivalent to Max HP when you level your planar fragments. When leveling these you will choose whichever gives the most amount of Hit Points based on which has a higher Tier. Getting either one as a primary with another as a secondary on an Epic or even legendary as a starting fragment is your best starting point.
Note on Mana is gained by both stats but is capped so low the contribution is worth omitting. It is currently capped at 17000.
    While these are the stats you will concentrate on, do note that other stats will become more valuable for certain builds. For example, when I use my Justicar as both a tank and a healer at the same time, I will sacrifice endurance as well as guard for more spell power and crit power. This will become more apparent as you become more experienced.

Defensive Stats

    Tanking itself is one of the only souls that actually use additional stats. Dodge, block and especially guard become part of your repertoire. Guard is our most important stat mostly because Trion makes it so. It is much like Hit in a sense that if our Guard is too low your group will be unable to do the content. Guard itself decreases damage done by an enemy and this statistic is gained by every member of your group within range. The minimum you really want to attempt tier one raiding at is 10.00% but it certainly has been done lower. This is something to consult with your guild about for raid requirements. Block is your second most important defensive stat and should be relatively high. This stat dictates how often your shield will block an attack and how much damage gets blocked. This is directly modified by our Wisdom stat. Dodge is the ability of your character to dodge physical attacks as well as increases the absorb damage that you take. This will be one of the lower defensive stats you have as none of our main stats directly affect this.

Stat Caps

Some of our stats have what is called a soft cap. This means that when a stat hits a certain number its effect diminishes. For example, it takes roughly 227 crit power to get 1%. After 40% it takes about 5 times as much, or around 1100 for one percent. After reaching the soft cap if you keep going eventually you will hit a hard cap. The hard cap is the point at which you cannot go any higher. Below are caps for us.


Stat Name Soft Cap Percentage Hard Cap Percentage
Crit Power 40.00 50.00
Spell Critical Hit 45.00 60.00
Guard 10.00 12.00
Block 45.00 60.00
Dodge 40.00 40.00


Stat Weights

So we have our stats that we know we want and we know what our soft caps are. But what if you have two pieces of gear for the same slot with different stats on them? Do you randomly choose whichever is higher? Welcome to what is called stat weights.

Stat Weight
The relative importance expressed as a number that compares stats. The higher the stat weight is for a given attribute the more important it is.
We have included this so you know exactly what a stat weight is. To get stat weights requires many many hours testing and math. Luckily for us the known priority is relatively easy.
If (Guard < Guard Goal)
then Add Guard
IF[( (Endurance * 10) + Max Hp) < Hit Point Goal] then add Endurance or + Max Hp
or Simply
If( Total Hit Points < Hit Point Goal )
then Add Endurance or Max HP
ELSE( Crit Power ( if < 37.5%) > Wisdom (No cap) > Spell Power (No Cap) > Spell Crit)
Add Appropriate
(Endurance And Max HP < Min) or (Guard < Guard Minimum) >
I realize this may look a little confusing at first glance but let’s break it down step by step.
  1. Do we have enough Guard for content ( 10.00% for Tier 1+ ) Do we have enough HP for content? (400 SPE 425 TD EZ 475 Tier 1)
  2. If yes take crit power until we reach cap of 37.5 (Get 40% with raid buffs and food)
  3. If CP capped choose wisdom
  4. If no wisdom available choose Spell Power
  5. If no spell power available choose Spell Crit
  6.  Choose anything

Planar Fragments

     Now that we have covered stats there is one other area that you need to to make sure you have correct. On the character screen you have two options to modify and review Planar Fragments, a new addition to Rift as of 4.0. One is called Planar Fragments. This is the one where you actually slot our fragments. The other is called Fragment Inventory and allows you to see all fragments up to your cap at 200.

– Tip!
If you have a fragment slotted and leveled up but you want to see if you can get better stats on another, you do not have to replace it. Instead go into your planar inventory and click on the fragment you wish to level. The same window you use to level up in planar fragments window will come up, and you can level it without having to replace it. Eventually the right hand side will be opened up and the choices will probably change for best in slot, so now might be a good time to start leveling up for the future.

Generally speaking choosing stats you will want to choose Endurance or Max HP, with secondary stats consisting of the one you did not choose as primary, Guard, block and dodge, although there are exceptions. Note the more of these you have at the start, in a higher rarity fragment, the more chance you have that one of these stats will be upgraded.

How to choose which fragment and why you make the choice is a little more complicated than the scope of this guide covers, but you can read up on this on our Planar Fragments Guide if you wish. The picture above shows you exactly what the best and runner up is for each of the elements.

Key Abilities


Action bar broken down into sections
    I am a big fan of macros. If you are, get ready to be disappointed. Justicar is not going to use very many at all. The picture above represents just one of my builds and what you should expect yours to look like depending on how you set it up. As you can see I have highlighted several areas of the bars into groups. When setting up your bars at least at first, I recommend setting them up this way.


If you can’t handle this many abilities on your bar I highly recommend playing a DPS or Healing Build. It would be better for you quit now than force so many people in a game to have to deal with the consequences that will arise. I am not trying to be mean and apologize if you are offended but tanking is not a spec where 2 or 3 button macro specs will work. While possible you may get away with this in some dungeons, when you actually have to show competency it will show.


    Before starting to tank you need to know what convictions are. When you use certain abilities or spells, such as Even Justice, you are granted one or more convictions. You are allowed to store up to 7 and at a glance you can see how many you have by an indicator under your nameplate. Other spells require 1 or more convictions to use. Some spells will do more damage or heal for more based on how many convictions you have.


The following buffs are what you should have up for the build being used. There will be adjustments to some of the alternate builds.
Make sure these are up:
Mien of Leadership or Mien of Honor You may only use one of these or the other. Leadership is used when directly tanking. Honor is used in offtank situations or for solo play.
Righteous Mandate Can place on only one person in the raid. Healing you generate is also passively applied to whoever you place this buff on.
Vengeance of the Winter Storm Deals additional damage when using another attack to the mob and provides healing.
Hammer of Faith: Deals X amount of damage up to 10 enemies. This becomes our best damaging ability when it is chosen as a legendary. It does AoE damage based on total convictions, it does not use those convictions an has a great range.
Even Justice: AoE damage to 10 enemies. Grants a conviction, 2 to number of targets hit. Reduces incoming damage Healing
Doctrine of Bliss: Self heal based on Convictions. This will use your convictions. Note this spell is affected by Divine Right and will use more than one conviction.
Doctrine of Loyalty: Heals up to 10 members based on convictions. Uses Convictions. Note this spell is affected by Divine Right and will use more than one conviction.
Reprieve  100% Self Heal that also heals the target of your Righteous Mandate by 50% of your health.
Just Defense: Adds damage, increases max absorb equal to 50% of clerics max HP for 10s Absolution Battle Rez on a 5 minute cooldown.
Provoke Single target ranged taunt.
Righteous Imperative AoE ranged taunt that will taunt up to 10 enemies Rebuke Ranged taunt and pull which affects 5 enemies. The only pull we have.
Total Assurance : Grants 7 convictions; +50% Damage for 30s, increase damage and dealing of next 7 conviction consuming abilities by 50%. Passive protection to legendary’s
Interdict Interrupts the enemy Intercede Takes X amount of damage of the targeted player. Used when taunts will not work
Purpose Restores mana to the tank when using damaging. Normally used with Strike of Judgment. You will not gain convictions while this is active.


    Once you have all your stats figure out and before getting into experts or further you should consider consumables. These are buffs that are acquired from a variety of crafted or dropped items in the game.  The table below lists items usable at level 70 that can and absolutely should be used.

Runes and Dream Orbs

Prophetic Starfall Weapon-Runeshard

Buffs or Item Enchantments

Item Effect Source Slot
Prophetic Brightsurge Vial Intelligence & Wisdom +1400 Apothecary Fortification & Assault Serum
Visionary Enduring Vial Endurance +1200 Apothecary Fortification & Assault Serum
Faetouched Powerstone Spellpower +2000 Artificer One and Two Handed Weapon
Tuath’De Insoles Runespeed +10% Outfitter Feet
Gedlo Riding Chaps Mounted Speed +10% Outfitter Legs
Celestial Padding Time to Mount -30% Armorsmith Shoulders
Impact Padding Guard +400 Armorsmith Shoulders
Weapon Aegis Debilitate effects =1s Planar Gloves
Atramentium Armor Plating Armor +2000 Armorsmith Chest
Archaic Tablet Restores 25 Mana per 5 seconds Planar Buff

Kalerts for the Missing

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One thing that should become apparent relatively quickly is that you do not necessarily want to pull the enemies to where you are. You want to tank them wherever it is easiest to group all the mobs together at. This most often means running or charging at one while taunting or using an ability with sufficient threat to have them come to you. Quite a few things happen in the first second you make a pull. If you have competent damage dealers they should be on the mobs almost immediately and if you mess up at all they will be attacking them. Worse than attacking a damage dealer is attacking your poor healer. Their job is to keep you alive and now the poor person is getting beat relentlessly by a big bad mofo. So stop and think a few seconds about how you are going to make the pull before doing so. Do not let experienced tanks try to make you think pulling is an easy or automatic skill to have. Most tanks who make all the right pulls have either tanked for a while or have been where you are and have experience. It will take some time to learn how to make these correctly and we will go over those here. Remember we have three basic taunts:

Provoke Single target ranged taunt.

Righteous Imperative AoE ranged taunt for 10 enemies

Rebuke Ranged pull up to 5 enemies.

You want to save each of these for when you will most need it. In other words if you do not have to use one of them, don’t! There are many times when you will use Rebuke and then have a couple mobs way out of range because they were stealthed, spawned last or some other reason. Once you get to know a dungeon or boss you will learn every pull.
Damage dealers, even when you are one, are not the brightest people in the world. In fact they are quite simple minded as they just care about their numbers being the highest and don’t have a 30+ page guide dedicated to them. So when one of them tab targets and pulls 3 more packs,or runs to the end of the dungeon and runs back shouting Leeeeeeroy towing 30 packs, or flags for pvp in the middle of boss fight, or goes to the liquor store immediately following a boss pull to get a six pack of beer, even if someone is late for work tomorrow because they were smoking crack for 96 hours straight remember this is not there fault. It is yours.It is always the tanks fault, no matter what goes wrong. Accept the fact that you will get yelled, screamed and bitched at. Once your used to and get over your wah-wah feelings you’ll be fine.

Example Pulls

What you want to keep in mind when choosing which ability to use is what kind of enemies are you about to pull? Are they melee, ranged or both? There are several indicators you can use besides experience. Do they have a mana bar? If so they are almost always ranged. Do they have a bow or staff? Are they a warrior. Depending on what they are and where they are located in there own group will determine what you use. The following picture is a description of mob placement in dungeons. The armor looking face is a melee based enemy while the one with a tiara s a ranged mob. Imagine if the two pictures are side by side or directly north and south they are within melee distance. Otherwise they are not and see if you can judge how you would make each pull.
Since these are all ranged no taunts necessary. Pull with AoE abilities and you should pick them all up. Ranged in back. Again no taunts needed because range are within melee of each other. Run to either one of the back enemies Rebuke is necessary because our ranged are separated. I would probably target the mob in the back and run to the first when. When almost to the first one hit rebuke and then AoE to pick up any rebuke missed. Again Rebuke is needed because of separation. Here I would target an outside mob then charge the other outside mob using rebuke and AoE when reaching the opposite one. Only one ranged no taunts needed. Attack ranged and pull rest. Ranged separate, use reuke at either ranged, run to other ranged an use AoE.
As you can see I have chosen not to use Righteous Imperative in any of these. Why not? The reason is because you never know when things are going to go down the crapper. Maybe you use it an it does not get several, and they tear after your healer. Maybe there are some stealthed mobs. If you mess up the pull and figure you should have used it, guess what, you still can. Just do not panic. One other topic deserves some coverage here, and that is on boss pulling. When you actually make the pull you may want to have some mitigation buffs on you. For example the Seething Cores (Golems) in iRotP sometimes can do some heavy damage, so I tend to put Just Defense on first. I then taunt the mob while pulling it. When you do this never pull directly from the group. Go at at an angle like the below picture attempts to illustrate.
Why are you pulling from this odd angle? Many bosses tend to have some nasty abilities that will not bother a tank, but will absolutely decimate the rest of the group. So when you make this pull from the side the boss will look your way and if he uses a cleave or some other AoE there is no one but you there. If you had made a direct pull everyone would be getting hit.


There are many viable tanking roles that can be chosen depending on your need and circumstances.. There are builds that focus on damage mitigation, ones for reducing damage the entire party takes, ones for having a purge, ones for healing and so on and so on. We will focus on one particular one right now whose sub souls are 7 Shaman 8 Inquisitor. Below is screen shot of the soul point trees and where they go. Please note I am in no way saying that this is the best soul for any particular situation, it just happens to be the one I initially learned on. You can find more roles that offer a variety of different abilities in the section ‘More Justicar Roles’ as well as additional macros.


These macros are for the Justicar soul only. There are no abilities used in any of these macros that are from inquisitor, shaman, defiler ect. The only one of these that may change is the soul stream macro, as there is preferences on this mastery per tank.

Damage and Utility

Single Target Spam
#show Strike of Judgment
cast Strike of Retribution
cast Doctrine of Authority
cast Hammer of Faith
cast Even Justice

Where the Points Go

(L) Legendary Ability (LA) An alternate choice for your legendary (+#) denotes how many points to put in that ability in the soul tree. Justicar

(L) Total Assurance Aside from the bonus in damage and dealing as discussed earlier, this ability allows you to survive through legendary hits. These are new abilities bosses can use in raids as of 4.0. They do massive to one hit damage if you do not have this.
(L) Even Justice This ability allows you to pick up tons of convictions with one swing and reduces damage taken
(L) Hammer of Faith This one allows you to do some huge numbers damage wise as a tank. It also extends the range beyond melee, so it is great for hitting mobs from a distance. 


+1 Courage of the Bear Increases your Hit Points by 5% of your base pool
+5 Thick Skinned Reduces incoming damage. An ability tanks dream of
+1 Crushing Blow The only choice when only doing 7 points in but also reduces healing on the mob. 
(L) Vicious Streak Not much else of use so crit chance it is


+5 Planar Study:  Increases Spell Power which is always a great thing
+2 Pursuit of Truth  Reduces pushack, not overly useful but we need to choose something
+1 Armor of Treachery  +3% amor increase, one of the main reasons we choose inquisitor
(L) Bolt of Judgement  There is not a huge choice here. I choose Bolt of Judgment because of its auto proc, and not having to worry about maintaining another  DoT on our mob. 


*[Level] [Optional Alternative] [ Brief Description]*

61 Righteous Protection Increases block and guard
61A Avenging Shield You could choose this as an alternative
62 Divine Inspiration Increases healing/absorption b 5%, Buffs Doctrine of Authority
63 Swift Judgment Increases run speed, guard radius,
63A Faith’s Freedom Gives players more health and a damage debuff when rezzing
64 Faith’s Reward Increases healing effectiveness
65 Soul Stream Used as a huge heal. Macro this so as not to use it on an enemy
65A Divine Favor Adds 6 stacks that get one removed each time you heal at 5% per
65A Vicars Bulwark A somewhat viable choice that heals target for percentage of damage

PLAYING AS A TANK If you have kept up with this guide so far, you should by now be realizing why so few people tank. You have to know basically mus know every role in your groups job in order to be able to tank effectively. There are people who get away with not knowing much about the fights, but this only lasts for so long. So now that you know all this, or at least have an idea, how do you play as a tank? It’s actually quite simple. Pull Own Threat on Mobs? No: Establish Threat by tuants or any damage, heals Have Low Hit Points or Taking a lot of damage? Yes: Heal or Use cooldowns to prevent more damage Need any combat buffs up? Cast any buffs you may need DPS Boss Each of these sections has been covered in a previous section of this guide already, so if you have been absorbing this information you should be fine! If you need practice there are ways go get it without having to start of in a dungeon group or raid. Zone events and the bosses in those are a good way to practice without any fears at all. They are mostly public groups and many of the people tanking barely have gear or are in dps specs. Another great place to start is Instant adventures. There are some hard bosses here but overly there are very few if any consequences if you do die or mess up.

Alternate Specs

Justicar Soul with Purge


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  1. The soul build and and spam macro are less than stellar.

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    #show Strike of Judgment
    cast Strike of Retribution
    cast Doctrine of Authority
    cast Hammer of Faith
    cast Even Justice

    And instead of inquisitor you’re better off with defiler or cabalist for legendary rage extraction or legendary unbound obliteration.

    1. Much appreciated I will go ahead and update that. The build presented in that particular guide I know isn’t that great, maybe it was better back when I leveled up but I doubt it. I did mention that the guide was more an overall Justicar guide, but I really should put a good build in there. I love feedback and people suggesting! Thank you so much!

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