Intrepid Rise of the Pheonix

Intrepid: The Rise of the Pheonix

Posted June 17, 2018 703 Server Time: This still has errors but is being made public. Will be updated over next day or two.

Intrepid: The Rise of the Pheonix, abbreviated as iRotP or more commonly just as RotP, is an entry level 70 raid for 10 players. It is located in Stonefield at The Last Valley ( /setwaypoint 4238 5219 ) In order to actually see the entrance you must buy Quantum Sight or Omen Site from a vendor for 12k planarite and have it active. There are two entrances here, with Intrepid being the first one coming from any porticulum in Stonefield.

Raid Information

Raid Members: 10
Tanks: 2
Healers: 2
Support: 1
Interrupts: 2
Cleansers: 3
Normal Bosses

General Silgen
High Priest Arakhurn

Farmable Bosses

Seething Core*
Seething Core*
Seething Core*

These will each respawn after a short time. After killing three and recieving loot each one uses IRC’s.


1. Ereandorn
2. Beruhast
3. General Silgen
4. High Priest Arakhurn



Getting There

This is the first boss of the Raid and is directly ahead of the entrance. Before the boss spawns there are several waves of adds that need to be killed. All can be done with one tank and if a member of the raid dies they should re spawn as the boss is so close.  The last set of waves is two dragons, one of which will fly. Concentrate on the one on the ground and watch for them breathing fire, as it the direction can normally be fired any direction.

Raid Suggestion Setup:

1 Tank,  2 Healers, 1 Support (Typically a Rogue Physician or Mage Archon). The players should position as follows:


The tank can make the pull from the Left (South) Side while the group comes in from the right (North). A physician can stand outside the group and use defer death to avoid a mechanic or an Archon can put up point to point for someone to port out of a cage. Damage until about 75% when boss turns into the first Idol. At this point pop raid cool downs and damage it quickly. This will also occur at about 25%. Besides that watch for the following:

  • PLAYER, how does it feel to burn?
    • Whoever is called out with this text should pick there hands off the keyboard immediately!
    • When they use an ability they do damage to as an area of effect ability to those near called Excitable Combustion This deals damage to those players and gives them a debuff called Secondary Combustion that acts just like the original debuff.
    • If ignored the whole raid will wipe quickly
    • This normally will affect the farthest player away, which is why the support stands to the far East (bottom on illustration) and should have a way to keep themselves alive.
  • The corpse of PLAYER will fuel our conquest!
    • The player gets turned into a molten eruption.
    • Everyone should swap to this target and break them free before they die
  • I will rebuild this world in flames!
    • Ereandorn will turn into a giant idol.
    • Use cooldowns and take this out as quickly as possible. If not taken out in time limit the entire raid will wipe.


  • If you are the Physician standing outside the raid make sure you use defer death and save it for yourself only.
  • Archons should maintain an Active P2P
  • Save Lava Field ect for the big idols at 75 and 25 percent



Getting There

He is located on the south side of the canyon up a hill past where the first golem (offically called a Seething Core) roams to. If someone has a group summon or it is all the same guild, one person can run to just outside the boss and hide using Rogue or Harbinger abilities or soul walk.

If not and everyone runs,do not be surprised or upset if people are dead all over or a whole bunch die and there is just a Call of the Ascended.

Raid Setup:

1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 or 2 Healers, 2-4 interrupter (tank can be one)


Pulling Beruhast



This pull is made normally on the right hand side,with everyone stacked up together right at the wall. The reason for this is that a moving ground AoE will spawn all over the floor and this spot is normally, if not safe right on a point that is very close to move to. The entire raid can, and should because of an ability below, move together.

Role Duties

  • The tank has one ability to really watch out for, and that is ..a leaping flame.. below.
  • The healer really only has one cleanse to worry about with ..a leaping flame.. below
  • The 2+ interrupters should interrupt Inferno Lash below.

This really is just a damage check except for:

  • Inferno Lash – A spell that is cast be twee ever 5-10 seconds and needs to be interrupted. Because the time is less than a typical intterupt there are normaly two people or two different groups assigned. Then each person, group or leader can signal who just intterupt so the other member knows it is there turn.
  • “You will die alone.” Players should stack with whoever he has pointed at. If following the ovrview above you will always be stacked, so no need to worry about this.
  • ..a leaping flame.. Healer should watch to cleanse this.
  • “A pet from Maelforge should keep you warm.” There are 4 brziers around the platform that Maelforge will summon one of these from. The tank should position themselves in between the pet and Maelforge so they cannot meat. Meanwhile the group should switch to this add and kill it quickly.


General Silgen


Raid Setup: 1 Tank, 1 Support, 2 Healers, One Full time Cleanser, 3 Able to Cleanse.


This raid has more movement than most of the other raids, but this tends not to be a problem. The problem on this particular boss normally tends to be the inordinate amount of cleansing that needs to be done. For this reason it is suggested having a class such as an Wardocle or Tactard, that has two separate group cleanses and have this person focus on cleansing only.  The following need to be cleansed:

  • Time Bomb – Places a debuff on a random player that must be cleansed or it will blow up nearby raid members
  • Missing Name – Places a debuff on a random player that must be cleansed or it will stun the player.

Movement Mechanics:

  • Heat Funnel – It is a ground targeted area of effect that will patrol in random directions. It hits very hard  so everyone should dodge the circle.
  • Anchored in Flames – Places a debuff on one, any, player  that causes fire damage for 30 seconds or until you run to your “anchor”. This will show as a line betwee you and the anchor on your screen, So just run to it. The debuff will create a beam/laser that points you in the direction of the anchor. The Tank can affected by this too, and if they do become so then they should call out in voice chat so everyone moves away from there beam.
  • Incinerate – Silgen says, “You’ll never escape!” – A Captured Priest yells, “Quick, get in!” with a blue circle on the ground. Run to the blue circle. You can leave as soon as you enter it, but if you do not you will take significant damage.


There is not a whole lot to worry about here. When you come up the hill and and are staring across at him, look to the right of his tepee-hut. There is an open space in the back here where you can tank him. Taunt/damage him then move immediately back there and turn around so he is facing away from the raid.

The only other thing you have to worry about is becoming anchored in flames. If this happens and you are in voice communicate that tank has “tether” and move t the anchor quickly. Because of other damage you are also doing you want to do this quickly and avoid contacting anyone else.

High Priest Arakhurn


Essential Abilities to Recognize

Fiery Metamorphosis: 60s cool down. Turns a random member of the party into a fire elemental. Raid should stack together and turned member runs through the entire raid getting rid of the buffs on each member.

Fire nova: 60s cool down. Hide from the boss or be killed. There is an exception that one of the tanks must take an initial tick of this, see Tank section

Three Phases

The High Preist has three phases:

  • Phase One High Priest Arkahhurn, kill this boss while avoiding main boss abilities.
  • Phase Two Spawns of Arkahurn spawn and must be killed quickly. For each one not killed the boss will gain a +10% damage increase buff. One tank should handle the adds while the other waits for High Priest to respawn
  • Phase Three High Priest again with Enraged Spawn Add. If Enraged Spawn is killed drops an item that will grant a temporary damage increase.


Everyone’s Duties

First and Third Phase  Relatively simple.  I suggest using  King Boss Mods to watch for the timers. Kill the bosses while doing the following:

  • Fire Nova When this comes below 10 seconds someone typically will call it. go hide behind the northern rock so the boss cannot see you.
  • Fiery Metamorphosis The entire raid should stack on the rock when this goes off. If you are someone who becomes transmuted then run to each member of the raid. This is very quick if they are all stacked.

Second Phase Once this phase hits you should go hide behind the rocks near the lava at the southeast section of the lava pond.

  • Make sure the tank has grabbed hate on adds before damaging them as they spawn in two different areas of the lava pond and the tank needs time to pick up both packs
  • Use any high cleave or area of effect damage abilities to kill as many adds as possible.

Third Phase

  • While hiding you can hit the Enraged Add for healiing
  • If the Enraged Add dies one of the damage dealers should pick up the crystal it drops for a damage increase. This buff you obtain does have a long cool down, so most likely no one should be using it twice in a row.

Support Only Duties

There are a couple different choices when using your big cool downs.

  • You can use it right off at phase 1, then as soon as it becomes available again in Phase 3 for quicker kills.
  • If your tank isn’t geared too well you could be better off saving these for Phase 2 when the adds out. This would be especially true if you have wiped on phase three before.

Tank Only Duties

Tanks have most of the responsibility in this fight, and you will need two of them. The reason you must have two tanks is that there is a tank switch mechanic that needs to be followed or one tank will end up taking too much damage and dying. This switch occurs through phase one and phase three. The tanks also need to tank two separate enemies during phase two.

Phase 1 and 3:

Before starting the tanks should communicate and decide when and how they are going to switch and hide from Fire Nova. Whoever is tanking the boss at the beginning of Fire Nova Must stay out and take one tick of damage or they will suffer a different ability from the boss.

“You cannot hide from me, ____!” Arakhurn will cast an attack if the person with the highest amount of threat cannot be attacked because they are line of sighted from the boss. Does a great amount of damage. Get back in site immediately.

Once they take this tick they should hide. Watch the channel on the boss and when there is perhaps one tick left, run out towards the boss.  The trick here is deciding if the tanks should swap threat and who is tanking before or after hiding.

  • If before then the new tank will stay out to take one tick, hide, be the first out and tank until it is almost time to hide again.
  • If after, the new tank will hide with the main group be the first to run out and taunt the boss on the way out. This tank will then hold aggro and stay out for one tick before hiding and giving up tanking responsibilities.

Phase 2:

Phase two has quite a few spawns actually spawn. For each one not killed the boss gains a +10% damage increase. Whichever tank can do more AoE damage should be responsible for the tanking the birds. The other tank can help dps, but they need to be back on the rock when the birds head into the lava to pick up the High Priest.

Whoever is tanking the mobs should make sure they pick up both sets, one on each side of the rock. Once they know they have them you want to run away from the rock where you hide, either up the hill or behind the other rock as far as possible. The farther away from the center rock you can take them the better as it will take them longer to get back to the lava.  Keep them grouped tightly as your damage dealers should be using max cleave.

Once you do not have to pick up birds anymore go and pick up the Enraged Spawn. Whoever does not have the main boss will be tanking the spawn.