Harbinger 61 – Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6

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Harbingers are offensive mages who deal damage from melee range. Utilizing brutal melee attacks the Harbinger is able to weave powerful spells into there combat flow.

Contents & Overview

Harbinger 61 – Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6

This build focuses on Harbinger, a melee focused mage souls that is aquired with the Storm Legion expansion or the Storm Soul Pack. It is a great build for both open world and group activities.


  • Provides good damage
  • Provides stealth play
  • Great for open world, dungeons and raids.
  • This spec does provide and interrupt
  • Requires you to be in melee range


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
61 Harbinger – 9 Chloromancer – 6 Arbiter at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in the soul increases damage done by 1%.

Souls Used

Playing Harbinger with 61 points gives Empyrea Ascension which is a great boost in damage [L] Reapers Blade Greatly Increased damage and Twisted soul. Slashing attacks deal increased damage.

[L] Vengeful Shock Casts another Vengeful Shock immediatly, essentially two of the same spell.

[L] Empyrean Ascension Greatly Improved damage. Damaging Spells reduce cool down by 1s.

Chlromancer +13 
Choosing a healing specific points gives heals that are great in open world and will allow for no  downtime [L] Bloom Increases effectiveness of Bloom


Biggest damage increase possible [L] Galvanic Strike Increases damage done by a percentage for 30 secnds




61: Arcanist’s Shield 62: Rejuvenating Presence 63: Mental Cynosure
64: Sparking Destruction
65: Arcane Manipulation



Spam Area of Effect Stun
#show Vorpal Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm’s Fury
cast Rending Slash
cast Glacial Spike
cast Lucent Slash
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Conditioned Response
cast Introspection
cast Phantom Blades
#show Lucent Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast jolting wave
cast Lucent Slash
#show Vile Spores
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
use Reliquary of Ingenuity
cast @self Legendary Bloom
cast Vile Spores


Empyrean Ascension Interrupt Buffs**
#show Empyrean Ascension
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Empyrean Ascension
cast Galvanic Strike
#show Distracting Slash
cast Distracting Slash
#show Eldritch Armor
cast Eldritch Armor
cast Reaper’s Blade
cast Luminous Weapon
cast [notactive] Charged Blade


Cancel Veil Debuff* Break Free
#show Lifegiving Veil
cancelbuff Lifegiving Veil
#show Galvanic Strike
cast Piercing Beam
cast Galvanic Strike
#show Break Free
cast Fading Light
cast Break Free


  • (*)  For Debuffs Piercing Beam has a 4 second cool down so as long as these two debuffs are maintained one after the other a macro is fine.
  • (**) To utilize this macro you must spam it quick enough that all three activate, this works because 2 of the three have no global cooldown

Karuul Alerts

How to Import


Below is a set of Alerts that can be used or modified as you wish.



How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On

Eldritch Armor Reaper’s Blade Charged Blade Lifegiving Veil *

*Only when healing needed

Additional Spells On Bars

Spell CD Description
Phase Step 30s Next 3 Single Taret spells warp you to target
Phantom Blades 30s Increases single target melee spells to 30m Range
Lucent Slash  – – Damage 3 targets, forces Eldritch Armor
Storm Shroud 30s Invisibility and next 3 Spells Crit

Prepull Casts

Spell Description
Arcane Manipulation Next 5 attacks do additional damage
Lucent Slash Damage 3 targets, forces Eldritch Armor
Phase Step OR Next 3 Single Target spells warp you to target
Phantom Blades Increases single target melee spells to 30m Range


Opening Rotation

Spell Description
Piercing Beam +20% Healing and Damage
Galvanic Strike +%Damage
Rending Slash +13%Damage
Blazing Light Damage Over Time
Empyrean Ascension Massive Damage Increase
Storm Shroud Invisibility, Next 3 Spells Crit
Bloom (If Proc) Vile Spores to 5 Targets
Vorpal Slash Damage and Damage Over Time
Tempest Winds Damage and Damage Over Time


Standard Rotation

Spell Notes or Description
If Proc: Proc Macro Use Proc Macro if a proc occurs
Refresh Galvanic Slash Active for 30s, Cast with full charge
Refresh Piercing Beam Active for 30s
Refresh Blazing Light Active for 16s Refreshed with Lucent Slash
Spam Macro
Storm Shroud Use with hard hitting abilities
Blademark Use with an add for cleave damage