Giveaway Contest!


Note: As of August 10, 2018 codes were being accepted but the rewards were not given out. This issue is pending resolution.

Congrats to the 31 July winners!

As part of Trion’s Creator Program we have been given codes every so often to give out to the community. If you would like to be eligible for a drawing please fill out the form below. We do not share these lists they are used for Content giveaways.We occasionally receive promotion codes to give out for  Defiance 2050, Trove, Archage and Primarily  Rift.  To enter simply enter your name, real or game and a valid e-mail address below. 

Drawings will be done completely random. Once you have entered for a costume you will  be considered for each drawing for the next 30 days. After this your name and contact information will be removed from the drawing unless you resubmit it.

August 2018 Blue Surfboard Mount: Account Wide