Druid – Inquisitor – Oracle

A Druid is a powerful offensive melee combatant who exists in harmony with the forces of nature. They are able to call forth uncorrupted fae from the plane of life to serve as bodyguards, heal there allies and destroy there foes

Contents & Overview

Druid 61 – Inquisitor 15- Oracle 0

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The purpose of this build is to provide a high dps single target melee build.

  • Druid is a very high single target damage soul
  • Druid has multiple pets that changes its functions depending on need
  • 15 points into Inquisitor gives a purge
  • If there are any disconnects the damage of the Druid will fall sharply
  • Very little cleave or Area of Effect damage
  • Very few fights actualy allow the Druid to be played


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
61 Druid – 15 Inquisitor  0 Oracle at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in Druid increases damage done by 1%, for a total of 6% total increase.
Increases pet damage done by 3% per level for a total increase of 183% and pet healing by 4% per level for a total of 244%


Like most end game high damage roles this one uses all 61 points in Druid. Fae Mimicry is the 61 point ability which is a significant boost in overall damage. Much of the damage gained from druid will come from what will show up as Life Surge damage, a product of Essence Strike [L] Fae Mimicry Adds bonus life damage to next 5 attacks; Causes next two abilities to not trigger a global cool down; Will apply 5 stacks of natural force

[L] Resounding Blow Deals damage and causes subsequent life damage based on follow up attacks


Inquisitor has some basic but solid damage abilities that will add solid damage +5 Planar Study
+5 Corporal Punishment
+5 Agent of Affliction[L] Sanction Heretic Causes damage and Druid abilities will cause it to explode doing even more[L] Bolt of Judgement Druid abilities have a chance to auto fire this


Since we are using 15 points in Inquisitor we choose Oracle because of its legendary which has a chance to automatically apply based on other souls damage. (L) Insignia of Blood Deals damage but will automatically be applied by using Druid or Inquisitor abilities



Class Masteries
61: Righteous Protection 62: Divine Inspiration 63: Faith’s Freedom
64: Diversify
65: Punishing Strike


Macros and Alerts

Spam Macro Fae Mimicry Summon Healer Pet
#show Essence Strike
cast Resounding Blow
cast Essence Strike
cast Combined Effort
cast Sanction heretic
cast Trickster’s Bolt
#show Fae Mimicry
use Reliquary of Ingenuity
cast Fae mimicry
cast Essence Strike
#show Summon: Greater Faerie Healer
cast Rapid Summon
cast Summon: Greater Faerie Healer


Summon Melee Pet Summon Ranged Pet Interrupt
#show Summon: Greater Satyr Destroyer
cast Rapid Summon
cast Summon: Greater Satyr Destroyer
#show Summon: Greater Faerie Seer
cast Rapid Summon
cast Summon: Greater Faerie Seer
#show Grim Silence
cast @focus Grim Silence
cast Grim Silence


How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Spiritual Protection Armor of Devotion Shroud of Agony


The Rotation consists of two main parts:

Opener: Apply initial debuffs and damage over time (DoT) spells as well as utilizing various cool downs optimally

Rotation: Maintain or restore DoT’s applied during opener as well as any cool downs, use other high hitting abilities when not doing this.



Ability Effect of the Ability
Crushing Force Doubles Nature’s Edict damage
Punishing Strike Applies Combined Effort and does damage
Resounding Blow Eruption of life x%50; 2x life damage for 15s
Eruption of Life 6 stacks cause damage reduces Resounding Blow cool down by 1.5s
Fae Mimicry 5 attacks extra damage; 2 attacks no GCD; Adds 5 Natural Force
Nature’s Edict Takes Natural Force and gives 35% damage bonus for
Essence Strike Refreshes Eruption of Life
Essence Strike Refreshes Eruption of Life

Normal Rotation

Keep These Refreshed on Cool Down

  • Eruption of Life if Essence Strike does not refresh
  • Crushing Force
  • Nature’s Edict

Spam Macro

1: (If Off) Eruption of Life
2: (If Off) Crushing Force (Also use before Fae Mimicry)
3: (If Off) Nature’s Edict: 30s CD, use after Crushing Force and before Fae Mimicry.
4: Spam Macro

Fae Mimicry Cool down

Fae Mimicry > Nature’s Edict > Essence Strike >Essence Strike

Ability Reference

Armor of DevotionCritical Hit Buff
Bolt of JudgmentDamage can autofire from Druid and Oracle
Combined EffortCauses additional 5% damage from Cleric and pet for 15 seconds
Crushing ForceDamage from Nature's Edict Doubled
Eruption of LifePlaces 6 stacks of Life Surge, Each attack removes one causing damage and reducing cool down of resounding blow by 1.5 seconds
Essence StrikeRefreshes Eruption of Life and does damage
Fae ExtractionTeleport enemy to cleric
Fae StepTeleport to enemy
Fervent Strike+15% damage for one minute
Grim Silence30 second cool down interrupt
Hidden PathRemoves all debuffs on self
Nature's CensureDamage with additional 10% per stack of Natural Force, with 5 stacks being 200%. Consumes only 2 stacks
Nature's EdictConverts Natural Force to Natural Weakness 7% additional damage per stack of this for 35% max
Peace of the ForestRestores 10% Mana
PurgeRemoves a buff from target
Rapid SummonCauses next pet summon to be instant
Resounding BlowDamage, Next attack +50% damage; for 15 seconds +100% life damage
Sanction HereticCauses damage, six seconds or less druid and oracle abilities cause additional damage with legendary
Shield of the OakSelf Shield
Thorns of IreEach attack may cause additional damage every 3 seconds

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