Confounding Contraptions

This data is from a Confounding Contraptions Spreadsheet. It was put together from the super helpful users here. Thank you!

We also advise you to take a look at Cadrifts Contraption page! Great stuff here.

Updated June 17, 2018, 2101 Shard Time


Droughtlands8001 6318Inside the cage
Droughtlands8030 6772under the rock
Droughtlands7691 5665Top of ruins, just go up the rampsPic
Droughtlands7528 6895Top of ruins, behind uppermost wallPic
Droughtlands7126 6355Top of the archPic
Droughtlands8840 6730Redoubt tower, translocate to top of tower, drop down on side to middle level and go to the chest, it's right behind chest
Droughtlands8388 7530back of the cavePic
Droughtlands7659 6287hole in a tree, on the side of lantern hook, there is an edge inside the hole with the contraptionPic
Droughtlands7696 6960Behind the StatuePic
Droughtlands7965 7118top of mountainPic
Freemarch5926 5793Behind the tubes on second floorPic
Freemarch7194 5326On the roofPic
Freemarch7307 5795Behind the top waterfall, climb up on the rocks on the right from the waterPic
Freemarch6138 4419in the cave behind a wallPic
Freemarch5998 5143on the top floor, at the top of the telescopePic
Freemarch5842 5144top of the mountainPic
Freemarch6182 4792between tree rootsPic
Freemarch6652 4461in the water inside the boat
Freemarch6970 5307under the bushPic
Freemarch6790 4662Drop down from balcony abovePic
Gloamwood5904 3954edge of the mountain above waterPic
Gloamwood4910 2441inside a bush, on a ledge above Darkening deepsPic
Gloamwood4303 2670underwater cave end, entrance at 4317 2765Pic
Gloamwood5253 3086under porch on mossy areaPic
Gloamwood5346 3416Top of the mountainPic
Gloamwood4602 2906Inside greybriar hollow, in a tunnel in a barrle
Gloamwood4715 2498back of the cave, entrance at 4756 2515Pic
Gloamwood5025 2402in the sewer
Gloamwood4317 2937top of the pillar
Gloamwood4467 2440on top of building
Iron Pine Peaks3426 2069inside the thent
Iron Pine Peaks3828 2172top of the mountainPic
Iron Pine Peaks2826 2427On a table inside iceworks laboratoryPic
Iron Pine Peaks3804 1326In Howling caves, up on wood beam thing against the wall (cave entrance 3600 1448)
Iron Pine Peaks4858 1692Top of crystal depths cave openingPic
Iron Pine Peaks4019 1865In between the ice on the frozen river - corrected exact location
Iron Pine Peaks3162 1782In the red pool
Iron Pine Peaks4010 1163Behind ice wall in caverns (entrance 4393 1206)
Iron Pine Peaks3571 2332Behind statue at the end of the cave (entrance at 3458 2343)Pic
Iron Pine Peaks4658 1895Under the ice
Moonshade Highlands6444 2053between mushrooms
Moonshade Highlands6415 1197on the ledgePic
Moonshade Highlands5945 2191on top ot the pillar
Moonshade Highlands6128 1400on back of stone wheel
Moonshade Highlands6971 1073in the window of the chapelPic
Moonshade Highlands7624 1583Behind the treePic
Moonshade Highlands7578 2151On boat, behind platform with the steering wheelPic
Moonshade Highlands6477 1716Lake floorPic
Moonshade Highlands5479 2156on top of the tent
Moonshade Highlands7310 2066Building roofPic
Scarlet Gorge3703 2724Behind the corner of the building
Scarlet Gorge4427 4847top of bridge scaffolding
Scarlet Gorge4859 3656on small house window hanging from mountain
Scarlet Gorge4779 4080on the rock with a weird bush/plant
Scarlet Gorge3859 2944ledge under bridge in bucket
Scarlet Gorge3932 3500In the pot inside the cave, entrance at 3975 3420Pic
Scarlet Gorge4442 3389ledge behind waterfall drop from side
Scarlet Gorge4170 3506Drop off edge of cliff to ledge below
Scarlet Gorge3788 2548On the hanging rockPic
Scarlet Gorge4444 4264Climb the pillar
Scarwood Reach2583 3380group of trees in mountains behind sagespire
Scarwood Reach3128 3235in blighted pit cave, on table inside spinning device
Scarwood Reach3855 3840on the mill tower, jump from balconyPic
Scarwood Reach3713 3794Top of the mountainPic
Scarwood Reach3300 4717inside the trunkPic
Scarwood Reach2959 4238giant stump in tree hollow
Scarwood Reach2975 3977Top of Auld Warden then jump downPic
Scarwood Reach3633 3822on the edge
Scarwood Reach3103 4606Bushes in cave, right bush
Scarwood Reach4043 4652go up tightrope, on top of flag at end
Shimmersand6089 7781Top of the tentPic
Shimmersand6002 7035Top of sand dune/mountainPic
Shimmersand5055 5904top of ruins
Shimmersand7628 7101tree on top of cave
Shimmersand6450 6759Under the table, cutthroat cavePic
Shimmersand6669 6343drop from the rampart, on the balcony drape
Shimmersand7537 7621in stone window
Shimmersand7804 7255between two stones
Shimmersand6609 6934down in grate
Shimmersand6324 6869tip top of bridge
Silverwood6114 2467Between Tree and rockPic
Silverwood7343 2789
Silverwood5655 2821Climb to top of hollow leaning tree
Silverwood6541 3000Jump of the balcony to the left sidePic
Silverwood6085 3601On top of a tree, on a branchPic
Silverwood6212 3131on a branch above your head, inside a spider cavePic
Silverwood6417 3019When you get the chest of the silverwood puzzle, drop to level belowPic
Silverwood6352 2834beside fallen logPic
Silverwood7538 3085on top of the gazeboPic
Silverwood6565 2633top of the chapel
Stillmoor1756 1880outside the tower Stillmoor1436 2468On top of house roof Stillmoor1901 3080behind counter
Stillmoor2893 2827Top of hill/rock Stillmoor2205 2852on roof
Stillmoor1912 3559on table
Stillmoor752 2699on the GSB entrance archPic
Stillmoor1707 2310inside the tower among the rubbles
Stillmoor1853 2672near death rootPic
Stillmoor2022 1922Under a rockPic
Stonefield5257 4780in the back of the cavePic
Stonefield4866 4669on top of rock Stonefield4848 5283on the roof of the buildingPic
Stonefield5897 4331drop down to tiny ledge from top of cliffPic
Stonefield5474 5054in the back of the cavePic
Stonefield4849 4990ledge near waterfallsPic
Stonefield4131 5762Top of the tentPic
Stonefield5580 5206MountainPic
Stonefield4332 5612Top of the mountainPic
Stonefield5125 4917In the crypts behind the statuePic