Category: Damage

Shaman – Druid – Oracle

This is a Cleric build based on the Shaman soul which uses a large two handed hammer to smash there foes through the use of brute force and faithful prayer.  It chooses the off souls of Druid for Fervent Strike, a 15% boost in damage and Oracle for its Insignia of Blood Legendary which automatically be applied.


Assassin 61 – Sabotuer 11 – Ranger 4 A v4.5 Level 70 damage dealer  that is also capable stealth. This is an open world or PvP role not normally used in raids. Last updated 9 October 2018 Assassin is not a current top tier Raiding soul choice. It is, however,

Marksmen 61 (NB/RNG)

  NMarksman 61 ◊ Nightblade 8 ◊ Ranger 7 Rift Live Version 4.5. A top 3 single target damage Dealer with cleave  Title Quick Start Detailed Guide Macros & Alerts Detailed Info Appendixes Marksman 61 – Nightblade 8 – Ranger 7 Currently Highest Damage Soul for Rogue Marksmen is a community approved raid capable class.