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Guides for the Cleric Calling

Cleric Run Speed Spec

This is a build that is focused on the Cleric who wants to run very fast. Who needs damage, healing or anything else? Just run! This is not a soul build that is designed for leveling, dungeons, raiding or even player versus player (PVP). This is a spec designed to

Inquisitor – Druid – Runeshaper

 Inquisitor 61 ◊ Druid 10 ◊ Runeshaper 5 A Level 70 Damage Dealing Live Version capable 70 Raiding.   “Inquisitors are offensive clerics who specialize in the ministering of pain. They channel there divine wrath into individuals they deem worth of punishment, turning there enemies’ own wickedness against them.”    This build requires Runeshaper,

Cleric Overview

Do you walk the path of the faithful? As a Cleric, you will command powers as varied as Telara’s patron deities, healing grievous injuries, fortifying allies, defiling enemies, or charging with chain and hammer into the front lines of war.   Cleric Overview Contents All Cleric Guides – External Guides