Assassin – Sabotuer – Ranger

Assassins are offensive rogues who have mastered the art of subtlety and subterfuge, they stalk the shadows bypassing obstacles to launch devastating surprise attacks. Those who survive the intiial assault will rapidly find themselvesfalling prey to their virulent poisons.

Contents & Overview

Assassin 61 – Sabotuer 11 – Ranger 4

This build focuses on the Assassin. It combines stealth with poisons and damage over time abilities in an attempt to maximize damage. While not the highest damage role available to rogues its play style is an attractive choice for many.  The major defining pros and cons of this role are:

  • Provide a decent damage spec
  • Provides stealth play
  • Relatively easy to play
  • This spec does provide and interrupt
  • This is not the top damage spec of this variation, but is easier to play
  • Relies on some damage over time abilitis that have to be reapplied often


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
61 Assassin – 11 Sabotuer – 4 Ranger at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in the soul increases damage done by 2%.

Souls Used

Assassin +61 
This build requires taking all available points. [L] Master of Poisons Master of Poisons Allows 3 poison buffs, increases DoT damage, reduces timer of Serpent Strike

[L] Poison Malace Increases poison damage and allows a stacking debuff on the target.This is one of the hardest legendaries to manage for new players.

[L] Thread of Death Allows an ability that requires stealth to be used to be used out of stealth. Since many abilities an assassin may have are stealth based this is invaluable for longer fights.

Sabotuer Lord +13 
Taken for Satchel Charge [L] Satchel Charge Uses charges gained to do damage with grant chemical mixtures for more damage


Ranger +4 
The legendary offers the best option with a 20% damageboost [L] Call: Razorbeast Increases non raner healing and damage by 20% for 20 seconds.Its on a 30 second cooldown.




61: Planar Replenishment 62: Revitalize 63: Juke and Run
64: Repetitive Strikes
65: Energy Manipulation


Macros and Alerts

Spam Jagged Strike Stun
#show Fragmentation Sticky Bomb
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Serpent Strike
cast Satchel Charge
cast Detonate
cast Fragmentation Sticky Bomb
cast Assassinate
cast Backstab
cast Savage Strike
cast Quick Shot
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Debilitating Dart
#show Jagged Strike
cast Jagged Strike
cast Poison Malice
#show thread of death
cast thread of death
cast Paralyzing Strike


Karuul Alerts

How to Import


Above there is a screenshot f the most relevant Karuul Alerts we use. Below is a set of Alerts that can be used or modified as you wish.

KA::As9UmeNqdk11PwyAUhv9Kf4EWWj4WrqCVRJPpovNuScM6Nsm60RSmLup/lzKNH5nLXA4XQF4 Oz3s4mFWrGs0AG7O2UVvdnXnVLbSPO2Mm2eVOwGFBSkLKktK05IhTlgaJDJGGuDVzz0rl1fnk/nK ipqYxfluZ2q7dRD+31uknrZZgejabOUYwZYQQltN+gBCsuLgeX9z2MxAjS+PtH9txheNV8nVkjbP rZKgaVX/njtOe50tggoATkQqIC4kHFIoBQUdztzGPf7J5pEY0UOPsG/WL86peujc2vhntMSD/MHC lFgs9O1DxnSC5851ZBgM5kAOOZCmoyCgAxxvo7GKjXcwCogWM8l8W/lP4O+XrB90kxUOPe4D/l5D jEobikxykiJYEZEcbcGpqvd501co21tvHqrb10ivTRDcUQUYAPNFNu1nXftMd8jH6lHBIOUciKwQ kAxHe4YTeX2vnoNr1f0rCM+ATwVeiU4+62/5sfRmJh9abeWLnyacmUKM8KxCWmGKSF8f/2lWfqrL zarpLFcn7Q1/Uw/3Ych/2O1mSVUw


How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Malicious Poison Lethal Poison Leeching Poison



To the left is what will appear below your nameplate.  Below health and energy are your avaialable combo points. Using normal abilities will award combo points that are used for finishers.


The rotation requires maintaining 3 damage over time  abilities. While these are  already up use your spam macro and utilize Final Blow when you have enough combo points.

  • Puncture
  • Jagged Strike
  • Spam Macro
  • Impale once you have 5 Combo Points
  • Final Blow with 5 Combo Points

DoTs that should be kept up:

Puncture Awards 1 Combo Point
Jagged Strike Awards 2 Combo Points
Impale Requires 5 Combo Points