Assassin 61 – Sabotuer 11 – Ranger 4

A v4.5 Level 70 damage dealer  that is also capable stealth. This is an open world or PvP role not normally used in raids.

Last updated 9 October 2018

Assassin is not a current top tier Raiding soul choice. It is, however, both popular and useful in  dungeons, Player versus Player and open world. This comes from its ability to use  stealth and escape enemies detection as well as doing a lot of damage. Many people enjoy playing assassin because of its play style and it still remains a popular choice for most phases of the game besides endgame.

Table of Contents

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A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide. All souls found in this guide are part of the original release of Rift and no additional paid souls are required. Ability links in this guide point to Magelo.


Quick Start Play Guide

The soul build is broken down into more components and explanations are explained more in depth later in this guide. The  build and point distribution is  here on Magelo. Please note like any guides hosted on The Guides For Rift Website or its discord channel it may contain mistakes. If you wish you may submit feedback at the bottom of this page or via a message on Discord.

Point Distribution  on Magelo Soul Calculator

Soul »» Marksmen – 61 Points Saboteur –  11 Points Ranger –  4 Points
Legendary Selection Master of Poisons  Poison Malice Thread of Death Satchel Charge Call: Razorbeast
Mastery Selection 61: Planar Replenishment 62: Revitalize 63: Juke and Run 64: Repetitive Strikes 65: Energy Manipulation
Alternatives may be available for this build, see below
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
(Colors for Clarity)
Malicious Poison, Lethal Poison, Leeching Poison
Single Target Rotation

Details, macros, cool downs, ability blocks and more are all  shown in depth in the detailed playguide.

Maintain Ten Second DoT’s:  Jagged Strike, Puncture

Maintain Finisher That Applies 20s DoT:  Impale

Opener: Stealth behind target >> Jagged Strike >>  Puncture >>  Builder (Spam) Macro until 5 Combo Points  >> Impale

Single Target Rotation

  1. Builder (Spam) Macro
  2. At one [1] second remaining refresh Jagged Strike, Puncture
  3. Builder (Spam) Macro
  4. At one [1] second remaining refresh Jagged Strike, Puncture
  5. Builder (Spam) Macro until 5 Combo Points  >>  Impale

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  • Try to stay behind enemy for damage boost
  • Refresh Poison Malice until six stacks, if there is not much left to mob keep going.
  • The Dots should be
    • Ten Second, Finisher
    • Ten Second
    • Repeat

Detailed Play Guide

Everything you should need to know.


Section Overview

The Build and Smart Choices
Macros for Assasin
Karuul Alerts

The Build and Smart Choices

The Assassin in Rift is a rogue who stalks the enemy unseen. They are not honor bound warriors who want a fair fight They would rather poison the enemy with treachery and live another day. However they are definitely capable of fighting alongside many other roles.

Unfortunately this soul has not been used in endgame raiding since Prophecy of Ankhnet came out. It used to be a desired raiding spec, but the versatility of this soul keeps it alive. From being able to sneak places most can’t to exiting combat when everyone else dies, there are many uses for it.

The Soul Build Pros and Cons of This Build

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Assassin 61 – Saboteur 11 – Ranger – 4 at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 1%

 Eleven points are taken in Saboteur primarily for the charges which can add damage up to three targets if there are additional targets to cleave. Points are also put in for Detonate and you gain an additional 10% dexterity from Nimble HandsCall: Razorbeast. is the primary ability we gain picking up Ranger which gives an additional 20% damage for 20 seconds with only a 30 second cooldown. Each legendary choice we take is described in the following sections. 

Pros and Cons of an Assassin

  • Provide a decent damage class
  • Use of invisibility to slip by enemies
  • Use of Slip Away to disengage and escape engagements
  • Many players find this a fun and familiar class
  • May be referred to as Sin
  • This is not a raid viable spec
  • Somewhat simple rotation but mostly short DoT’s
  • Very little utility

Master of Poisons
Very bottom of Assassin, 61 Points

Normally a Rogue may only apply two poisons however as a master they can apply three. Increases Assassin Damage over Time (DoT) abilities by 85%. Virulent Haste resets Serpent Strike.

Poison Malice 
Bottom of Assassin, 36 points

This mastery was new with 4.0 and introduces a large buff to poisons, albeit with a one minute cooldown should it fall off.

Master of Poisons

The Rogue can activate up to 3 Weapon Enchantments at a time. When a poison procs you have a chance to gain a stack of Virulent Haste. Virulent Haste resets the cooldown of Serpent Strike and allows you to cast it with no cooldown and at no cost. Passively increases the damage of your Assassin damage over time effects by 85%.

Poison Malice
Self Buff
3 Energy
Instant – No Global Cooldown
Cooldown: 1 second

Increases Poison Buff damage done by 275%. When hit in melee, deals 1331 Water damage to the attacker. Lasts 15s. This effect can be recast during its duration to refresh the effect. Each time it is refreshed your Poison damage is reduced by 25%. When this buff expires, it will go on cooldown for 1m.

Thread of Death
Top of Assassin, 40 PointsAllows any ability to be used out of stealth.◊  Satchel Charge   ◊
Saboteur, 2 points inStacks charges allowing Area or Cleave damage.

Thread of Death
Self Buff
10 Energy
Instant – No Global Cooldown
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Allows the next ability that requires Stealth to be used while out of Stealth. Lasts 5s. You may also passively cast damaging stealth abilities at any time.

Satchel Charge
4 Energy
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Requires Any Weapon

Deals 10105 damage to 3 enemies over 30 seconds. Grants 3 Charges every tick. Grants Chemical Mixtures when it ticks.

◊  Call: Razorbeast  ◊
First ability in botttom of Ranger

This is one of the most often used legionaries for all  Rogues simply because it is active 2/3  of the time (66.67%)  for a 20% damage buff. in addition to doing 20% more damage. This will make your Marksman channeled abilities hit much higher. The real amazing thing about this is that you do not have to put one point into the Ranger tree.

◊ No Alternate chosen for this build   ◊

Call: Razorbeast
15 Energy
Instant – No Global Cooldown
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Increases non Ranger damage and healing by 20% for 20 seconds.

None selected

None Selected at this time


Macros for Assassin

Below are macros that can be used with this setup. Since this setup is so simple there are very few macros.
Builder (aka. Spam) Macro Jagged Strike
#show Fragmentation Sticky Bomb
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Serpent Strike
cast Satchel Charge
cast Detonate
cast Fragmentation Sticky Bomb
cast Assassinate
cast Backstab
cast Savage Strike
cast Quick Shot
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Debilitating Dart
#show Jagged Strike
cast Jagged Strike
cast Poison Malice

Stun Macro (Not an Interrupt) Not Named
#show thread of death
cast thread of death
cast Paralyzing Strike

Not Named Not Named



Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the same name. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import/export functions or sharing directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on GFR.

What is provided here is an example used by someone who has actually played this role. It works for them, but may not work for you. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

An Example Set

The Karuul Alert set given here is one of the simplest sets that you may run across. The image to the left shows the four icons used in the alert set. These are the only ones that we use for this build. These all have a timer on them that shows the amount of seconds left until the ability expires. Poison malace adds a stack counter.
  1. Poison Malice Stacks and timer
  2. Jagged Strike Timer
  3. Puncture Timer
  4. Impale Timer
Import This Alert
KA::As9UmeNqdk11PwyAUhv9Kf4EWWj4WrqCVRJPpovNuScM6Nsm60RSmLup/lzKNH5nLXA4XQF4 Oz3s4mFWrGs0AG7O2UVvdnXnVLbSPO2Mm2eVOwGFBSkLKktK05IhTlgaJDJGGuDVzz0rl1fnk/nK ipqYxfluZ2q7dRD+31uknrZZgejabOUYwZYQQltN+gBCsuLgeX9z2MxAjS+PtH9txheNV8nVkjbP rZKgaVX/njtOe50tggoATkQqIC4kHFIoBQUdztzGPf7J5pEY0UOPsG/WL86peujc2vhntMSD/MHC lFgs9O1DxnSC5851ZBgM5kAOOZCmoyCgAxxvo7GKjXcwCogWM8l8W/lP4O+XrB90kxUOPe4D/l5D jEobikxykiJYEZEcbcGpqvd501co21tvHqrb10ivTRDcUQUYAPNFNu1nXftMd8jH6lHBIOUciKwQ kAxHe4YTeX2vnoNr1f0rCM+ATwVeiU4+62/5sfRmJh9abeWLnyacmUKM8KxCWmGKSF8f/2lWfqrL zarpLFcn7Q1/Uw/3Ych/2O1mSVUw




Assassin Overview

Notes on represented sections of this guide used here.For a list of abilities; links to their specific websites and overall descriptions of each see Appendix C: Ability Reference. For a list of Macros and there beginning siblings see the Guide  Macros. For a set of Karuul Alerts which will  really  help you track abilities, see the Guide Karuul Alerts.

Rogue Basics
Near your name plate is the basic functions that a Rogue has access to.

  • The top bar, in this picture green with the numbers 269k/269k (100%), are the  amount of hit points the Rogue has. The first numbers is the current amount followed by the total. Hit points are lost by taking damage and restored in a variety of ways.
  • The bar in the middle, in this picture a purple bar with the numbers 100/100 (100%) is the amount of energy the Rogue has. Many abilities use energy and there is only a limited amount.
  • At the bottom there are 5circular buttons which are consumed when using high powered abilities. These points, technically known as “Combo Points” are gained from using normal abilities. You may have up to five total.


    Assassins have mastered the art of applying poisons to their blades. They are adept and can place up to three of the following at a time. Refer to the Buffs Section for information on which to use.

Enfeebling Poison – Grants weapon ability attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 709 Water damage and causes the enemy to deal 10% less damage to the Rogue.
Leeching Poison  Grants weapon ability attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 1911 Water damage and restore 103 health to the Rogue.
Lethal Poison –  Grants weapon ability attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 709 Water damage and increase the chance for the enemy to be Critically Hit by 5% for 15s.
Malicious Poison – Grants weapon ability attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 2409 Water damage and return 2 Energy
Virulent Poison Grants weapon ability attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 805 Water damage and grant Acidic Wrath. When you reach 7 stacks of Wrath they are consumed and cause your next 2 non Assassin finishers to deal 30% more damage


Pre-Combat Notes

  • Before attacking remember that Assassins are designed for sneak attacks, so attack from the rear of the enemy.
  • This build has 3 DoT’s that provide a lot of the damage and need to be maintained and up 100% of the time. These abilities are:
  • Since they are multiples of 10 seconds add Impale into the rotation every other time
    • Use finisher with 5 Combo Points Always
    • If you do not have 10 use Builder Macro
  • If you have 5 Combo Points when not using impale use the following

Opener: [Maintain These DoT’s throughout fight]

If possible Stealth behind target then:
>> Jagged Strike
>> Puncture
>> Builder (Spam) Macro until 5 Combo Points
>> Impale


Single Target Rotation

  1. Builder (Spam) Macro
  2. At one [1] second remaining refresh Jagged Strike, Puncture
  3. Builder (Spam) Macro
  4. At one [1] second remaining refresh Jagged Strike, Puncture
  5. Builder (Spam) Macro until 5 Combo Points  >>  Impale


Example Action Bar Setup


Appendix A: Additional Resources

Online Written Guides

GFR Discord Rogue Table of Contents
Maintained by GFR

[4.0] Assassin at Rift Forums
Written by Nixia


Appendix B: Guide History

  • 3, September 2018  Rough Draft Release
  • 8 October 2018 Minor Updates, moved as official